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Install documentation for dev-qt/qtwebengine

Packages describing “webengine” as local USE flag

Package “webengine” Flag Description
dev-qt/qt-docs Install documentation for dev-qt/qtwebengine
dev-python/QtPy Pull in QtWebEngine and QtWebEngineWidgets modules
kde-apps/kdecore-meta Enable www-client/falkon which depends on dev-qt/qtwebengine
net-news/rssguard Use dev-qt/qtwebengine for embedded web browser
net-misc/nextcloud-client Enable old Flow1 login using dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-apps/kdeutils-meta Enable kde-apps/kimagemapeditor, requiring dev-qt/qtwebengine
dev-python/pyside2 Build QtWebEngine and QtWebEngineWidgets modules
dev-qt/qt-creator Use dev-qt/qtwebengine with the help USE rather than bundled litehtml
app-text/kbibtex Use dev-qt/qtwebengine for HTML previews
sci-astronomy/stellarium Show online results about the selected star in an embedded window using dev-qt/qtwebengine
app-misc/recoll Use dev-qt/qtwebengine for fancy result list display
media-sound/supercollider Enable the internal help system using QtWebengine
sci-geosciences/merkaartor Enable dev-qt/qtwebengine in some plugins
kde-apps/k3b Use dev-qt/qtwebengine for fancy k3bdiskinfoview
sci-visualization/paraview Add support for dev-qt/qtwebengine
media-sound/musescore Use dev-qt/qtwebengine for embedded web browser
kde-apps/kdeedu-meta Enable packages requiring dev-qt/qtwebengine
net-im/psi Enable themed, html-based chatlogs using dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-plasma/kdeplasma-addons Enable dictionary and web browser applets using dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-apps/kdesdk-meta Enable dev-util/kdevelop, requiring dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-apps/kdenetwork-meta Enable support for Google Drive integration via kde-misc/kio-gdrive
app-office/libalkimia Enable online quotes using dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-plasma/discover Enable webflow support using dev-qt/qtwebview and dev-qt/qtwebengine instead of default URL handler
dev-python/pyside6 Build QtWebEngine and QtWebEngineWidgets modules
kde-apps/kaccounts-providers Enable Nextcloud KAccounts plugin using dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-plasma/libksysguard Enable display of detailed memory information using dev-qt/qtwebengine.
net-p2p/ktorrent Embedded search for torrents using dev-qt/qtwebengine
kde-apps/marble Use dev-qt/qtwebengine for embedded web browser

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