Global USE flag

Add support for the WebKit HTML rendering/layout engine

Packages describing “webkit” as local USE flag

Package “webkit” Flag Description
app-office/kexi Enable web form designer widget using dev-qt/qtwebkit
app-text/kbibtex Use dev-qt/qtwebkit for HTML previews
dev-java/swt Embedded browser support via net-libs/webkit-gtk:2, replacing former xulrunner-based browser.
dev-python/PyQt4 Build bindings for the QtWebKit module
dev-python/PyQt5 Build bindings for the QtWebKit module
dev-python/QtPy Build bindings for the QtWebKit module
dev-python/pyside Build QtWebKit module
dev-qt/designer Build the qwebview plugin
dev-qt/qtdeclarative Build the WebView QML component
dev-qt/qtdemo Build QtWebKit examples and demos
dev-qt/qtquick1 Build the WebView import for QtQuick1 (requires QtWebKit)
dev-util/kdevelop Enable deprecated dev-qt/qtwebkit instead of dev-qt/qtwebengine for integrated documentation
gnome-extra/gnome-builder Enable net-libs/webkit-gtk using plugins support and the HTML/Markdown previewer plugin
kde-base/perlqt Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/qtruby Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/qyoto Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-base/smokeqt Compile bindings for dev-qt/qtwebkit.
kde-frameworks/kdesignerplugin Build kdewebkit plugin for QtDesigner
kde-misc/kmarkdownwebview Use dev-qt/qtwebkit instead of dev-qt/qtwebengine
mail-client/claws-mail Enables HTML e-mail rendering by using the net-libs/webkit-gtk library.
net-im/psi Enable themed, html-based chatlogs
net-im/qutim Enable Adium-like WebView plugin
net-libs/libproxy Use libjavascriptcoregtk from net-libs/webkit-gtk for PAC parsing
net-misc/remmina Enable a user survey using net-libs/webkit-gtk
x11-apps/copyq enables the application to use advanced HTML rendering and fetching remote images and other data