use YAML format for config file

Packages describing “yaml” as local USE flag

Package “yaml” Flag Description
app-laptop/thinkfan use YAML format for config file
dev-util/flatpak-builder Use libyaml for yaml support
dev-lang/crystal Use the dev-libs/libyaml library to enable Crystal yaml module
sci-libs/trilinos Add support for yaml (dev-cpp/yaml-cpp)
dev-lang/swi-prolog Use libyaml for YAML pack
dev-python/translate-toolkit Support YAML format
dev-perl/Config-Any Install support libraries to support decoding YAML config files
dev-util/ctags Enable YAML parsing support
dev-python/tappy Pull dependencies needed to support YAML blocks associated with test results.
sys-apps/dtc support .yaml-encoded device trees
www-servers/uwsgi Support yaml as a configuration file format.
dev-python/networkx Provides YAML format reading and writing

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