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net-wireless/soapybladerf Soapy SDR plugin for the Blade RF
net-wireless/soapyrtlsdr SoapySDR RTL-SDR Support Module
net-wireless/soapy_power Obtain power spectrum from SoapySDR devices
net-wireless/soapyuhd Soapy SDR plugins for UHD supported SDR devices
net-wireless/soapyhackrf SoapySDR HackRF module
dev-python/simplespectral Heavily simplified scipy.signal.spectral module
dev-python/simplesoapy Simple pythonic wrapper for SoapySDR library
dev-python/pyFFTW A pythonic python wrapper around FFTW
dev-util/uftrace Function (graph) tracer for user-space
sys-apps/fd Alternative to find that provides sensible defaults for 80% of the use cases