The app-metrics category contains software generating, transforming or consuming application, service and system metrics.
alertmanager Alertmanager for alerts sent by client applications such as Prometheus
bind_exporter Prometheus exporter for BIND
blackbox_exporter Prometheus exporter for blackbox probing via HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and ICMP
burrow_exporter Prometheus exporter for Burrow
carbonapi-booking High-performance Graphite front-end, fork
carbonapi-web graphite-web fork for standalone usage with carbonapi
ceph_exporter Prometheus exporter that scrapes metrics from a ceph cluster
collectd Collects system statistics and provides mechanisms to store the values
consul_exporter Prometheus exporter for consul metrics
dnsmasq_exporter prometheus exporter for dnsmasq
elasticsearch_exporter Elasticsearch stats exporter for Prometheus
exabgp_exporter Prometheus exporter for exabgp
fritzbox_smarthome_exporter Prometheus exporter for FRITZ!Box Smart Home
fusioninventory-agent The FusionInventory agent is a generic management agent
github-exporter Github statistics exporter for prometheus
go-carbon Golang implementation of Graphite/Carbon server
grok_exporter Unstructured log data exporter for Prometheus
memcached_exporter Prometheus exporter for memcached
mongodb_exporter Prometheus exporter for MongoDB
mysqld_exporter Prometheus exporter for MySQL server metrics
nftables-exporter prometheus exporter for nftables metrics
nginx-lua-prometheus Library that exports Nginx metrics to Prometheus
nginx-vts-exporter Nginx virtual host traffic stats exporter for Prometheus
node_exporter Prometheus exporter for machine metrics
openvpn_exporter Prometheus Exporter for OpenVPN
portage-exporter Prometheus exporter for Gentoo Portage
postfix_exporter Prometheus Exporter for Postfix
postgres_exporter PostgreSQL stats exporter for Prometheus
process-exporter Process exporter for prometheus
prom2json A tool to scrape a Prometheus client and dump the result as JSON
prometheus Prometheus monitoring system and time series database
prometheus-lvm-exporter Prometheus exporter for LVM metrics
prometheus-podman-exporter Exporter for podman giving containers, pods, images, volumes & networks metrics
pushgateway Prometheus push acceptor for ephemeral and batch jobs
rabbitmq_exporter Rabbitmq exporter for Prometheus
redis_exporter Prometheus Exporter for Redis Metrics. Supports Redis 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
smartctl_exporter Export smartctl statistics to prometheus
snmp_exporter Prometheus exporter for snmp metrics
unbound-telemetry Prometheus exporter for Unbound DNS resolver
uwsgi_exporter uWSGI metrics exporter for
vault_exporter Vault exporter for Prometheus


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