The dev-dotnet category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the .NET programming environment.

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dbus-sharp D-Bus for .NET
dbus-sharp-glib D-Bus for .NET: GLib integration module
flickrnet-bin A .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API - Binary version
gio-sharp GIO API C# binding
gkeyfile-sharp C# binding for gkeyfile
gnome-desktop-sharp GtkSharp's gnome-desktop module of the gnome-desktop-sharp tarball
gnome-keyring-sharp C# implementation of gnome-keyring
gnome-sharp gnome bindings for mono
gsf-sharp C# bindings for libgsf
gtk-sharp gtk bindings for mono
gtksourceview-sharp GtkSharp's gtksourceview module of the gnome-desktop-sharp tarball
ikvm-bin Java VM for .NET
libgdiplus Library for using System.Drawing with mono
log4net tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets
mono-addins A generic framework for creating extensible applications
monocalendar iCal clone for .NET
ndesk-dbus Managed D-Bus Implementation for .NET
ndesk-dbus-glib glib integration for DBus-Sharp
nini Nini - A configuration library for .NET
notify-sharp a C# client implementation for Desktop Notifications
nuget Nuget - .NET Package Manager
pe-format Intelligent PE executable wrapper for binfmt_misc
referenceassemblies-pcl .NET Portable Class Library reference assemblies
rsvg-sharp GtkSharp's rsvg module of the gnome-desktop-sharp tarball
vte-sharp GtkSharp's vte module of the gnome-desktop-sharp tarball
wnck-sharp GtkSharp's wnck module of the gnome-desktop-sharp tarball
xdt-for-monodevelop Microsoft's Xml Document Transformation library
xsp XSP is a small web server that can host ASP.NET pages


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