The dev-embedded category contains libraries and utilities relevant to embedded programming.

arduinoAn open-source AVR electronics prototyping platform
arduino-builderA command line tool for compiling Arduino sketches
arduino-ctagsArduino private fork of dev-util/ctags
arduino-listserialportscArduino helper library to list serial ports
avariceInterface for GDB to Atmel AVR JTAGICE in circuit emulator
avraAtmel AVR Assembler
avrdudeAVR Downloader/UploaDEr
avr-libcC library for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
cpikC compiler for PIC18 devices
dc-tool-ipEthernet program loader for the Dreamcast
dfu-programmerA Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for Atmel chips
esptoolUtility to communicate with the ROM bootloader in Espressif ESP8266 and ESP32
freaklabs-boardsArduino hardware definitions for freaklabs boards
gnusim8085A GTK2 8085 Simulator
gpsimA simulator for the Microchip PIC microcontrollers
gputilsTools including assembler, linker and librarian for PIC microcontrollers
icdprogMicrochip PIC Programmer using ICD hardware
includeA collection of useful, independent include files for C/Assembler developers
jalA high-level language for Microchip PIC and Ubicom SX microcontrollers
kobs-ngUtility to write u-boot images to NAND on Freescale iMX devices
libdisasmProvides basic disassembly of Intel x86 instructions from a binary stream
libftd2xxLibrary that allows a direct access to a USB device
libftdiUserspace access to FTDI USB interface chips
libjaylinkLibrary to access J-Link devices
lpc21ispIn-circuit programming (ISP) tool for the NXP microcontrollers
mavlink_cOfficial reference C library for the v2 protocol
mcu8051ideGraphical IDE for microcontrollers based on 8051
mspdebugA free debugger for use with MSP430 MCUs
nodemcu-uploaderSimple tool for uploading files to the filesystem of an ESP8266 running NodeMCU
openocdOpenOCD - Open On-Chip Debugger
parapinA parallel port pin programming library
picasmAn assembler and disassembler for 12 and 14-bit PIC chips
picotooltool for interacting with rp2040 devices and binaries
picpA commandline interface to Microchip's PICSTART+ programmer
picprogA PIC16, PIC18 and dsPIC microcontroller programmer software for the serial port
pistaCommandline-driven interface to PICSTART+ PIC programmer
pk2cmdAn application for working with the Microchip PicKit2 PIC programmer
platformioAn open source ecosystem for IoT development
ponyprogEEPROM and microcontroller programmer/flasher
powersoftplus-libftdiLibrary which includes a table of VIDs and PIDs of Ever UPS devices
raspberrypi-utilsRaspberry Pi userspace utilities
rpi-eepromUpdater for Raspberry Pi 4/5 bootloader and the VL805 USB controller
sdccSmall device C compiler (for various microprocessors)
smdk-dltoolTool to communicate with Samsung SMDK boards
srecordA collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files
stlinkstm32 discovery line linux programmer
stm32flashOpen source flash program for STM32 using the ST serial bootloader
sunxi-toolsTools for Allwinner A10 devices.
u-boot-toolsutilities for working with Das U-Boot
uispTool for programming AVR microcontroller through the parallel port
upslug2util for flashing NSLU2 machines remotely
urjtagTool for communicating over JTAG with flash chips, CPUs, and many more
usbprogflashtool for the multi purpose programming adapter usbprog
xaHigh-speed, two-pass portable 6502 cross-assembler
zmacZ80 macro cross-assembler


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