The dev-erlang category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Erlang programming language.

base64urlURL safe base64-compatible codec
cache_tabIn-memory cache Erlang and Elixir library
eimpErlang Image Manipulation Process
epamepam for ejabberd to help with PAM authentication support
eredisErlang Redis client
esipProcessOne SIP server component
ezlibNative zlib driver for Erlang and Elixir
fast_tlsTLS/SSL native driver for Erlang and Elixir
fast_xmlFast Expat based Erlang XML parsing library
fast_yamlFast Yaml native library for Erlang and Elixir
goldrushSmall Erlang app that provides fast event stream processing
hamcrestErlang port of Hamcrest
idnaErlang IDNA implementation
jiffyJSON NIFs for Erlang
joseJSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) for Erlang and Elixir
lagerLogging framework for Erlang/OTP
luerlLua in Erlang
meckMocking library for Erlang
mqtreeIndex tree for MQTT topic filters
p1_acmeACME client library for Erlang
p1_mysqlPure Erlang MySQL driver
p1_oauth2Erlang OAuth 2.0 implementation
p1_pgsqlPure Erlang PostgreSQL driver
p1_utilsErlang utility modules from ProcessOne
pkixPKIX certificates management library for Erlang
properQuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang
sqlite3SQLite gen_server port for Erlang
stringprepFast Stringprep implementation for Erlang and Elixir
stunSTUN and TURN library for Erlang and Elixir
xmppXMPP parsing and serialization library on top of Fast XML
yconfYAML configuration processor


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