The net-news category contains news-related network software.

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amphetadesk AmphetaDesk is a free syndicated news aggregator
canto-curses The ncurses client for canto-daemon
canto-daemon Daemon part of Canto-NG RSS reader
liferea News Aggregator for RDF/RSS/CDF/Atom/Echo feeds
newsboat An RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals
quiterss A Qt-based RSS/Atom feed reader
rawdog Rawdog, RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur
rssguard Tiny RSS and Atom feed reader
rsstail A tail-like RSS-reader
rsstool cmdline tool to read, parse, merge, and write RSS (and Atom) feeds
snownews Command-line RSS feed reader
yydecode A decoder for yENC format, popular on Usenet


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