The www-misc category contains various miscellaneous world wide web software.

awstatsAWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics
bookmarksyncbookmarksync synchronizes various browser bookmark files
bukuPowerful command-line bookmark manager
fcgiwrapSimple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts (CGI support for nginx)
htdigHTTP/HTML indexing and searching system
litmusWebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
logswanFast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures
log-toolkitset of tools to manipulate and maintain webserver logfiles
mergelogA utility to merge apache logs in chronological order
monitorixA lightweight system monitoring tool
multisortMerges httpd logfiles in the Common Log Format
profile-sync-daemonSymlinks and syncs browser profile dirs to RAM
urlwatchA tool for monitoring webpages for updates
vdradmin-amWWW Admin for the Video Disk Recorder
visitorsFast web log analyzer


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