The x11-themes category contains various theme and style packages for X11 applications.
adapta-gtk-theme An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines
adwaita-icon-theme GNOME default icon theme
adwaita-qt A style to bend Qt applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell
arc-icon-theme Vertex icon theme
arc-theme A flat theme with transparent elements for GTK 2/3/4 and GNOME Shell
blueglass-xcursors A high quality set of Xfree 4.3.0 animated mouse cursors
chameleon-xcursors Style neutral scalable cursor theme
claws-mail-themes Iconsets for Claws Mail
clearlooks-phenix Clearlooks-Phenix is a GTK+ 3 port of Clearlooks, the default theme for GNOME 2
comix-xcursors X11 mouse theme with a comics feeling
commonbox-styles Common styles for fluxbox, blackbox, and openbox
commonbox-styles-extra Extra styles pack for flux|black|open(box)
constantine-backgrounds Fedora 12 official background artwork
e16-themes All the official E16 themes
e-gtk-theme A GTK theme to match Enlightenment WM's default theme
elementary-xfce-icon-theme Elementary icons forked from upstream, extended and maintained for Xfce
experience GTK+2 themes which copy and improve the look of XP Luna
faenza-icon-theme A scalable icon theme called Faenza
fedora-backgrounds A set of default and supplemental wallpapers for Fedora
flatsvg Flat SVG icon set
fluent-icon-theme Fluent icon theme for Linux desktops
fluxbox-styles-fluxmod A collection of FluxBox themes from FluxMod
fvwm-crystal Configurable FVWM theme with transparency and freedesktop compatible menu
fvwm_icons Icons for use with FVWM
fvwm_sounds Sounds for use with FVWM
fvwm-themes A configuration framework for the fvwm window manager
fvwm-themes-extra Extra themes for fvwm-themes
gargantuan-icon-theme Gargantuan Icon Theme
gartoon Gartoon SVG icon theme
gartoon-redux A massively improved variant of the well-known Gartoon theme
geany-themes A collection of colour schemes for Geany
gentoo10-backgrounds Gentoo - 10 Years Compiling Background Artwork
gentoo-artwork Collection of miscellaneous Gentoo Linux logos and artwork
gentoo-artwork-livecd A collection of Gentoo Linux wallpapers for the LiveCD
gentoo-xcursors A high quality set of animated mouse cursors
geramik GTK+1 and GTK+2 Geramik Themes
gkrellm-themes A pack of ~200 themes for GKrellM
gnome-backgrounds A set of backgrounds packaged with the GNOME desktop
gnome-colors-common Colorized icons shared between all gnome-colors iconsets
gnome-colors-themes Some gnome-colors iconsets including a Gentoo one
gnome-icon-theme-extras Extra GNOME icons for specific devices and file types
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic Symbolic icons for GNOME default icon theme
gnome-themes-standard Standard Themes for GNOME Applications
gnustep-neos-theme GNUstep theme closely following the original NeXT look and feel
gnustep-silver-theme a GNUstep silver theme
goddard-backgrounds Fedora 13 official background artwork
golden-xcursors A high quality set of animated mouse cursors
greybird Greybird Desktop Suite
gtk-chtheme GTK-2.0 Theme Switcher
gtk-engines GTK+2 standard engines and themes
gtk-engines-adwaita Adwaita GTK+2 theme engine
gtk-engines-candido Candido GTK+ 2.x Theme Engine
gtk-engines-experience GTK+ Experience Theme Engine
gtk-engines-murrine Murrine GTK+2 Cairo Engine
gtk-engines-qtpixmap Theme engine based on GTK pixmap engine using the Plasma color scheme
gtk-engines-rezlooks Rezlooks GTK+ Engine
gtk-engines-ubuntulooks A derivative of the standard Clearlooks GTK+ 2.x engine with more orange feel
gtk-engines-unico The Unico GTK+ 3.x theming engine
gtk-theme-switch Utility to switch and preview GTK+ theme
haematite-xcursors A simple crispy dark-grey xcursor theme
hicolor-icon-theme Fallback theme for the freedesktop icon theme specification
human-icon-theme A nice and well polished icon theme
iceicons IceWM Icons is a set of XPM 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 XPM and PNG icons for IceWM
icewm-extra-themes Extra themes for IceWM
kfaenza Faenza-Cupertino icon theme for KDE Plasma
kvantum SVG-based theme engine for Qt5, KDE Plasma and LXQt
larry-backgrounds Wallpapers featuring Gentoo mascot Larry the cow
laughlin-backgrounds Fedora 14 official background artwork
leonidas-backgrounds Fedora 11 official background artwork
light-themes GTK2/GTK3 Ambiance and Radiance themes from Ubuntu
lovelock-backgrounds Fedora 15 official background artwork
lxqt-themes LXQt Themes
mate-backgrounds A set of backgrounds packaged with the MATE desktop
mate-icon-theme MATE default icon themes
mate-icon-theme-faenza Faenza icon theme that was adapted for MATE desktop
mate-themes A set of MATE themes, with sets for users with limited or low vision
murrine-themes Themes for the Murrine GTK+2 Cairo Engine
neutral-xcursors A family of smoothed and shadowed cursors that resemble the standard X ones
notify-osd-icons Icons for on-screen-display notification agent
nou-icon-theme Scalable icon theme called Nou
numix-gtk-theme A modern flat theme with a combination of light and dark elements
numix-icon-theme An official icon theme from the Numix Project
numix-icon-theme-circle Icon theme from the Numix project
nuovo-icon-theme A scalable icon theme called Nuovo
nuvox NuvoX SVG icon theme
obsidian-xcursors A shiny and clean xcursor theme
oxygen-gtk Official GTK+:3 port of KDE's Oxygen widget style
papirus-icon-theme Free and open source SVG icon theme
pearlgrey-xcursors A simple crispy white-grey xcursor theme
pidgin-penguins-smileys Penguins pidgin smiley theme
pulse-glass The Pulse Glass x11 mouse cursor theme
QGnomePlatform A Qt Platform Theme aimed to accommodate GNOME settings
qtcurve Widget styles for Qt and GTK2
shiki-colors Mixes the elegance of a dark theme with the usability of a light theme
silver-xcursors A high quality set of animated mouse cursors
slim-themes SLiM (Simple Login Manager) themes pack
smplayer-skins Skins for SMPlayer
smplayer-themes Icon themes for smplayer
solar-backgrounds Fedora 10 official background artwork
sound-theme-freedesktop Default freedesktop.org sound theme following the XDG theming specification
tactile Nice, calm and dark low contrast GTK+ theme
tactile3 The third evolution of Tactile theme series
tangerine-icon-theme a derivative of the standard Tango theme, using a more orange approach
tango-icon-theme SVG and PNG icon theme from the Tango project
tango-icon-theme-extras Tango icons for iPod Digital Audio Player devices and the Dell Pocket DJ DAP
tela-icon-theme A flat colorful Design icon theme
ubuntu-wallpapers Ubuntu wallpapers
vanilla-dmz-aa-xcursors Style neutral scalable cursor theme (black version)
vanilla-dmz-xcursors Style neutral scalable cursor theme (black version)
vdr-channel-logos Logos for vdr-skin*
verne-backgrounds Fedora 16 official background artwork
vertex-icon-theme Vertex icon theme
vertex-theme Vertex theme for GTK+ based desktops
windowmaker-themes Collection of Window Maker themes
wm-icons A Large Assortment of Beautiful Themed Icons, Created with FVWM in mind
xcursor-themes X.Org cursor themes: whiteglass, redglass and handhelds
xfce-gant-icon-theme Xfce Gant Icon Theme
xfwm4-themes Additional themes for the Xfce window manager
yasis-icon-theme Scalable icon theme called Yasis
zukini Unified look for GTK+ 2.x, GTK+ 3.x, gnome-shell, metacity and more
zuki-themes Zuki themes for GTK, gnome-shell and more


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