Add support for sys-libs/db (Berkeley DB for MySQL)

Packages describing “berkdb” as local USE flag

Package“berkdb” Flag Description
gnome-extra/evolution-data-serversys-libs/db support needed to migrate old (pre-3.13 evolution versions) addressbook data
mail-client/muttEnable sys-libs/db database backend for header caching
mail-client/neomuttEnable BDB (Berkley DB) backend for header caching
net-p2p/bitcoin-coreSupport legacy wallets in Berkeley DB format
sys-apps/iproute2build programs that use berkdb (just arpd)
sys-libs/gdbmenable compatibility layer for UNIX-like dbm and ndbm interfaces
sys-libs/pamBuild the pam_userdb module, that allows to authenticate users against a Berkeley DB file. Please note that enabling this USE flag will create a PAM module that links to the Berkeley DB (as provided by sys-libs/db) installed in /usr/lib and will thus not work for boot-critical services authentication.

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