Global USE flag

!!internal use only!! DO NOT SET THIS FLAG YOURSELF!, used for creating build images and the first half of bootstrapping [make stage1]

Packages describing “build” as local USE flag

Package “build” Flag Description
app-office/lyx This should speed up compilation significantly when you have enough RAM (> 600 MB)
dev-haskell/hps Build the `hps-fractals' executable
dev-haskell/persistent-sqlite Build a sanity check test executable.
dev-haskell/snap-server Build a server that just returns "PONG"
dev-libs/aws-sdk-cpp Build using a single unified .cpp file for each service library. Reduces the size of static library binaries
dev-qt/qtwebengine Combine source files to speed up build process.
dev-util/edb-debugger Experimental jumbo (also known as unity) build capability
games-rpg/arx-libertatis Build everything in one big source file, allowing for faster build times and better optimizations at the cost of higher memory usage.
net-libs/webkit-gtk Combine source files to speed up build process
sys-kernel/kpatch Enable tools which convert a source diff patch to a patch module.
www-client/chromium Split build into more shared libraries to speed up linking. Mostly intended for debugging and development, NOT RECOMMENDED for general use.