Global USE flag

Build CLI interface

Packages describing “cli” as local USE flag

Package “cli” Flag Description
dev-db/sqlitestudio Build CLI interface
app-text/editorconfig-core-c Install command line interface.
media-video/mpv Build mpv CLI player
dev-python/restkit Install the restcli command line interface/tool, based on dev-python/ipython
dev-php/PEAR-PHP_Beautifier Require dev-lang/php to be built with the "cli" SAPI and install the php_beautifier script.
dev-haskell/wcwidth Enable command line tool
media-gfx/gmic Build CLI interface
dev-lang/php Enable CLI SAPI
dev-ml/logs Enables the Logs_cli library that provides command line support for controlling Logs.
net-misc/electron-cash Enables the CLI interface
net-misc/electrum Enables the CLI interface
dev-python/netaddr Enable netaddr shell with dev-python/ipython
net-misc/electrum-ltc Enables the CLI interface
net-misc/packETH Build and install packETHcli
net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp Enable sample cli based on readline
dev-python/editorconfig-core-py Install command line interface as well as python library
net-analyzer/gvm Command Line Interface for OpenVAS Scanner
net-p2p/retroshare Enables the CLI version of RetroShare
net-misc/trackma Enable cli version