Install client utilities

Packages describing “client” as local USE flag

Package “client” Flag Description
app-admin/mcollective Install client utilities
sci-libs/clblas Build a command line clBLAS client program.
net-wireless/iwd Enable iwctl client tool
games-fps/yamagi-quake2 Build client
dev-python/ws4py Install client modules
games-fps/urbanterror Build binary for client (includes code for non-dedicated server)
media-sound/snapcast Build and install Snapcast client component
games-engines/odamex Build client target
net-ftp/tftp-hpa Compile and install the tftp client
media-plugins/vdr-streamdev Compile the VDR plugin vdr-streamdev-client that acts like a dvb-budget card
net-dialup/openl2tp Enable l2tp client.
net-firewall/fwknop Build fwknop client
net-fs/samba Enables the client part
net-libs/libwebsockets The client part of the library and libwebsockets-test-client
sci-libs/clblast Enable compilation of the clients to test and compare performance with reference libraries
net-vpn/badvpn Build the badvpn-client program, a daemon that runs on endpoints of the VPN.
dev-libs/libcharon Install the charon client library
games-action/minetest Build Minetest client
games-board/cockatrice Build with client
games-roguelike/tomenet Compile client
games-fps/quakeforge Build Normal and QuakeWorld clients alongside the servers
games-strategy/ufoai Build the main game client
net-misc/bird Build the ncurses/readline full featured CLI
net-misc/dhcp Install the dhclient program
net-misc/mosh Build network client
sci-chemistry/molequeue Build the client application
sys-cluster/lustre Enable kernel client modules
x11-wm/xpra Build client-side code

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