Enable NVIDIA CUDA support (computation on GPU)

Packages describing “cuda” as local USE flag

Package“cuda” Flag Description
dev-libs/libflatarrayEnables plugins for NVIDIA GPUs (e.g. CUDAAllocator)
media-gfx/blenderBuild cycles renderer with nVidia CUDA support.
media-gfx/openvdbEnable support for CUDA in NanoVDB
media-libs/opencvEnable NVIDIA Cuda computations support (Experimental!)
media-video/ffmpegEnables CUDA-based acceleration. Mostly used for specific filters.
net-misc/moonlightEnable accelerated video rendering on NVIDIA hardware
net-misc/sunshineEnable accelerated video encoding on NVIDIA hardware
sci-chemistry/gromacsEnable cuda non-bonded kernels
sci-libs/clblastBuild with support for cuda instead of opencl (beta!)
sci-libs/dlibEnable support for CUDA for Deep Neural Networks (cuDNN) on GPU (experimental)
sci-libs/ginkgoAdd support for cuda assimp (dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit)
sys-apps/hwlocEnable CUDA device discovery using libcudart

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