Enable session tracking via sys-auth/elogind

Packages describing “elogind” as local USE flag

Package“elogind” Flag Description
gnome-base/gnome-sessionSupport sys-auth/elogind for session tracking
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemonRely on sys-auth/elogind as runtime logind provider
gnome-base/gnome-shellUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking and suspend support.
gnome-base/gvfsUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking.
gui-apps/swayidleEnable support for rootless session via elogind
gui-libs/xdg-desktop-portal-wlrEnable support for rootless session via elogind
media-sound/cmusEnable MPRIS support via sys-auth/elogind
media-sound/pulseaudio-daemonUse sys-auth/elogind for giving each session a PA client
net-misc/networkmanagerUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking
sys-apps/accountsserviceUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking
sys-apps/dbusUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking.
sys-auth/pambaseUse pam_elogind module to register user sessions with elogind.
sys-fs/udisksUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking
sys-power/intel-undervoltUse elogind hook to apply voltage after system sleep
sys-process/procpsUse sys-auth/elogind for session tracking.
x11-base/xorg-serverUse elogind to get control over framebuffer when running as regular user
x11-wm/mutterRely on sys-auth/elogind as logind provider for Wayland sessions

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