Packages describing “extras” as local USE flag

Package“extras” Flag Description
app-admin/conkyEnable syntax highlighting for app-editors/nanoand app-editors/vim
app-arch/cabextractInstall experimental extra tools: wince_info and wince_rename for examining and processing Windows CE installation cabinet header files; cabinfo for examining the structure of a cab file.
app-emulation/vkd3d-protonInstall extra tools and demos in /usr/lib/vkd3d-proton
dev-lang/lazarusBuild a lot of extra packages, including lhelp chm viewer program.
dev-python/amqpInstall extra tools to generate initial Python mod from an AMQP XML file
dev-vcs/subversionInstall extra scripts (examples, tools, hooks)
games-board/pasang-emasInstall some extra themes
gnome-base/gnomeInstall additional GNOME applications
mate-base/mateInstall additional MATE Desktop applications that are recommended for extended usage of the MATE Desktop as upstream sees it; for example, this installs MATE Desktop's office related applications. Disable this if you plan to use your own non-MATE Desktop alternatives or a custom mixture of MATE and non-MATE packages.
media-libs/libavifBuild extra apps (avifenc, avifdec) and test files
net-firewall/fwknopInstall utility scripts and AppArmor policy for fwknopd
net-im/psiEnable Psi+ patchset
net-im/psimediaEnable Psi+ mode (required when built for Psi+)
sci-mathematics/gretlBuild and install add-ons bundled with gretl
sci-mathematics/normalizInstall Macaulay2 and sci-mathematics/singularpackages as shipped by upstream
sci-physics/bulletBuild the extras
www-apps/ikiwikiInstalls additional modules used by ikiwiki plugins
x11-terms/terminologyInstall additional testing tools

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