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Add GNOME support

Packages describing “gnome” as local USE flag

Package “gnome” Flag Description
app-crypt/zuluCrypt Enable support for the Secret Service API via app-crypt/libsecret
dev-util/monodevelop Enable support gnome support (unsetting this flag is unsupported)
media-sound/pulseaudio Use GConf to store user preferences on streams and so on. Don't enable this flag if you want to use a system wide instance. If unsure, enable this flag.
media-sound/qmmp Enable Gnome hotkey support (requires Qt5DBus)
media-sound/quark Provides tray-icon and enables gconf support
media-video/bombono-dvd Use GVFS for desktop integration
media-video/vlc Adds support for GNOME's filesystem abstraction layer, gnome-base/gnome-vfs. This flag is not GUI-related.
net-fs/smbnetfs Use the gnome-base/gnome-keyring for password management.
net-libs/glib-networking Extract HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy configuration stored using GSettings
net-libs/gnome-online-accounts Use gnome-base/gnome-control-center to set GNOME online accounts preferences
net-libs/libproxy Enable support for reading proxy settings from GNOME
x11-libs/wxGTK Use gnome-base/libgnomeprintui for printing tasks.
x11-misc/gpaste Enable proper gnome support and enable gnome shell extension.

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