Enable GPG support via app-crypt/gpgme

Packages describing “gpg” as local USE flag

Package “gpg” Flag Description
net-firewall/fwknop Enable GPG support via app-crypt/gpgme
net-fs/samba Use app-crypt/gpgme for AD DC
dev-libs/libjcat Enable GPG verification support via app-crypt/gpgme
kde-apps/kget Enable signature verification by GpgME++ via app-crypt/gpgme
app-backup/dar Enables usage of asymmetric encryption algorithms
app-crypt/qca Enable GnuPG plugin
kde-apps/kdeutils-meta Install kde-apps/kgpg which depends on kde-apps/akonadi
app-portage/gemato Install dependencies needed for OpenPGP signature verification support
dev-scheme/bigloo Enable GPG support
app-portage/layman Support app-crypt/gnupg signed overlays lists and manifests
net-misc/dropbox-cli Use app-crypt/gpgme to verify signatures
sys-fs/ecryptfs-utils Enable app-crypt/gnupg key module
dev-util/geany-plugins Enable geanypg plugin which integrates GPG using app-crypt/gpgme
net-nntp/tin Enable app-crypt/gnupg support
dev-util/diffoscope Use app-crypt/gnupg
kde-frameworks/kwallet Support wallets with GnuPG encryption in addition to the default blowfish-encrypted file
net-im/dino Enable OpenPGP encryption plugin
dev-util/ostree Enable GPG support
dev-vcs/mercurial Support signing with GnuPG.
dev-vcs/git Pull in gnupg for signing -- without gnupg, attempts at signing will fail at runtime!
net-im/ekg2 Enable jabber message encryption through app-crypt/gpgme.
net-im/profanity Enable OpenPGP encryption

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