Qualcomm Hexagon DSP target

Other “llvm_targets” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use FlagDescription
llvm_targets_AArch64AArch64 CPU target (arm64 in Gentoo)
llvm_targets_AMDGPUAMDGPU target (supports R600 and GCN GPUs)
llvm_targets_ARCARC (Argonaut RISC Core) embedded CPU target [EXPERIMENTAL]
llvm_targets_ARMARM CPU target
llvm_targets_AVR8-bit Atmel AVR microcontroller target
llvm_targets_BPFBerkeley Packet Filter target
llvm_targets_CSKYC-SKY CPU target [EXPERIMENTAL]
llvm_targets_DirectXDirectX target [EXPERIMENTAL]
llvm_targets_HexagonQualcomm Hexagon DSP target
llvm_targets_LanaiLanai CPU target
llvm_targets_LoongArchLoongArch CPU support [EXPERIMENTAL]
llvm_targets_M68kMotorola 68000 target [EXPERIMENTAL]
llvm_targets_MipsMIPS CPU target (includes MIPS64)
llvm_targets_MSP430MSP430 CPU target (experimental)
llvm_targets_NVPTXNVIDIA PTX (GPU) target (32-bit and 64-bit)
llvm_targets_PowerPCPowerPC CPU target (PPC32 and PPC64)
llvm_targets_RISCVRISC-V CPU target
llvm_targets_SparcSparc CPU target
llvm_targets_SPIRVSupport SPIR-V language target for graphics and parallel computing
llvm_targets_SystemZSystemZ (s390x) CPU target
llvm_targets_VENEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA vector engine target
llvm_targets_WebAssemblyWebAssembly backend
llvm_targets_X86X86 CPU target (includes amd64)
llvm_targets_XCoreXCore CPU target
llvm_targets_XtensaTensilica Xtensa (ESP32) CPU target [EXPERIMENTAL]

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