local USE flag

Enable support for net-libs/mbedtls

Packages describing “mbedtls” as local USE flag

Package “mbedtls” Flag Description
dev-scheme/gauche Enable support for net-libs/mbedtls
net-irc/inspircd Add support for TLS using the mbedTLS library
app-crypt/tpm2-tss Use net-libs/mbedtls as crypto engine
net-analyzer/zabbix Use net-libs/mbedtls as TLS backend
dev-libs/libevent Support for net-libs/mbedtls encryption
net-proxy/privoxy Use net-libs/mbedtls for HTTPS filtering
net-voip/umurmur Use net-libs/mbedtls as TLS provider
net-vpn/openvpn Use mbed TLS as the backend crypto library
www-servers/lighttpd Build module for TLS via net-libs/mbedtls
dev-libs/libzip Use net-libs/mbedtls as TLS provider
net-libs/libssh2 Use net-libs/mbedtls instead of dev-libs/openssl
net-libs/libssh Use net-libs/mbedtls as TLS provider
net-p2p/transmission Use mbed TLS instead of OpenSSL
net-libs/libwebsockets Use mbedTLS replacement for OpenSSL
net-misc/curl Enable mbedtls ssl backend

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