local USE flag

Use dev-libs/libnl

Packages describing “netlink” as local USE flag

Package “netlink” Flag Description
mate-base/mate-applets Use dev-libs/libnl
net-libs/libpcap Use dev-libs/libnl to put wireless interfaces in monitor mode.
net-analyzer/net-snmp Use dev-libs/libnl to fetch TCP statistics instead of using /proc/net/tcp (Linux only).
net-analyzer/wireshark Use dev-libs/libnl
net-wireless/hostapd Adding support for using netlink to create VLANs
sys-auth/sssd Add support for netlink protocol via dev-libs/libnl
sys-fs/quota Compile daemon receiving quota messages via netlink
net-firewall/iptables Build against libnfnetlink which enables the nfnl_osf util
sys-apps/ethtool Enable netlink interface via net-libs/libmnl
sys-block/nbd Add support for netlink protocol via dev-libs/libnl
net-wireless/aircrack-ng Use netlink for channel control instead of WEXT

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