Enable OpenCL support

Packages describing “opencl” as local USE flag

Package “opencl” Flag Description
app-emulation/wine-staging Enable OpenCL support
media-libs/opencv Add support for OpenCL
sci-libs/libgeodecomp Enables OpenCL backend
dev-libs/starpu Enable OpenCL support
media-gfx/blender Allow OpenCL Graphics Acceleration. This may require extra graphics card drivers.
sci-geosciences/grass Enable OpenCL support
sci-libs/gdal Enable OpenCL support
media-gfx/mandelbulber Enable GPU rendering support using OpenCL
media-gfx/imagemagick Enable OpenCL support
media-gfx/darktable Enable opencl support
app-emulation/wine-vanilla Enable OpenCL support
sci-libs/caffe2 Use OpenCL
sci-libs/pytorch Use OpenCL
sci-libs/linbox Enable the use of OpenCL in LinBox
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk Build OpenCL binaries
sci-libs/clblast Build with support for opencl
app-emulation/crossover-bin Enable OpenCL support
sci-misc/boinc Use OpenCL to enable computations using your GPU.
media-libs/mesa Enable the Clover Gallium OpenCL state tracker.
app-crypt/johntheripper-jumbo Build with opencl/GPU cracking support
sci-geosciences/qgis Enable OpenCL support
app-text/tesseract Enable opencl support for speedup using GPU computation.
media-video/ffmpeg Enable OpenCL support
net-misc/xmrig Enable OpenCL support
media-libs/x264 Add support for OpenCL.
media-libs/opensubdiv Enable OpenCL support through virtual/opencl
sci-chemistry/gromacs Enable opencl non-bonded kernels
sys-apps/cpu-x Use the virtual/opencl library
games-util/basis_universal Enable OpenCL support
net-misc/bfgminer Enable support for mining with OpenCL-capable devices (GPUs)
sci-physics/lammps Enable opencl gpu computing support
gui-apps/wf-recorder Enable OpenCL
net-im/zoom Use OpenCL for virtual background support (virtual/opencl)

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