Packages describing “redis” as local USE flag

Package“redis” Flag Description
app-admin/rsyslogBuild the Redis output module using (requires dev-libs/hiredis)
app-admin/saganAdd support for the Redis database via dev-libs/hiredis
app-admin/saltSupport returning data to a redis database.
app-admin/syslog-ngEnable support for Redis destinations
dev-util/ccacheEnable Redis backend for storage via dev-libs/hiredis
dev-util/sccacheEnable Redis support
games-engines/minetestEnable redis backend via dev-libs/hiredis
mail-filter/pyzorEnables the redis back-end database engine for pyzord through dev-python/redis
mail-mta/eximAdds support for querying dev-db/redis
net-analyzer/suricataEnable Redis support
net-analyzer/zmapAdd support for storing in a redis DB via dev-libs/hiredis
net-dialup/freeradiusInclude support for Redis database
net-dns/unboundEnable cache db backend which usesdev-libs/hiredis
net-im/coturnEnable support for the redis database
net-im/ejabberdEnable Redis support for transient data
sci-libs/glooEnable Redis backend for storage via dev-libs/hiredis
www-apache/mod_auth_openidcAdd support for the Redis caching via dev-libs/hiredis

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