All packages

sphinxbase Support library required by the Sphinx Speech Recognition Engine
sphinx2 CMU Speech Recognition-engine
SphinxTrain Speech Recognition (Training Module)
edbrowse Combination editor, browser, and mail client that is 100% text based
emacspeak-ss adds support for several speech synthesizers to emacspeak
espeakup espeakup is a small lightweight connector for espeak and speakup
freetts A speech synthesis system written entirely in Java
julius Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Engine
nfbtrans braille translator from the National Federation of the Blind
orca Extensible screen reader that provides access to the desktop
powiedz Polish speech synthesizer based on rsynth
espeak Speech synthesizer for English and other languages
sound-icons a collection of Sound Icons for speech-dispatcher
speech-dispatcher Speech synthesis interface
speech-tools Speech tools for Festival Text to Speech engine
simon Open-source speech recognition program for replacing mouse and keyboard
speechd-el Emacs speech support
sphinx3 CMU Speech Recognition engine
emacspeak the emacspeak audio desktop
mbrola Speech synthesizer based on the concatenation of diphones. Includes samples
yasr General-purpose console screen reader
flite Flite text to speech engine
eflite A speech server that allows screen readers to interact with festival lite
accerciser Interactive Python accessibility explorer
at-spi2-atk Gtk module for bridging AT-SPI to Atk
at-spi2-core D-Bus accessibility specifications and registration daemon
brltty Daemon that provides access to the Linux/Unix console for a blind person
caribou Input assistive technology intended for switch and pointer users
epos language independent text-to-speech system