The app-arch category contains tools for archiving, compressing and uncompressing files or groups of files.

7zipFree file archiver for extremely high compression
advancecompRecompress ZIP, PNG and MNG, considerably improving compression
afioAfio creates cpio-format archives
alienConverts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and slackware tgz file formats
arcCreate & extract files from DOS .ARC files
arjUtility for opening arj archives
atoolScript for managing file archives of various types
brotliGeneric-purpose lossless compression algorithm
bsdsfvall-in-one SFV checksum utility
bzip2A high-quality data compressor used extensively by Gentoo Linux
bzip3A better and stronger spiritual successor to BZip2
cabextractExtracts files from Microsoft cabinet archive files
cfvCommand-line File Verify - versatile file checksum creator and verifier
cksfvSFV checksum utility (simple file verification)
clzipC language version of lzip
cpioA file archival tool which can also read and write tar files
createrepo_cC implementation of createrepo
csnappyGoogle's snappy compression library for the Linux Kernel
deb2targzConvert a .deb file to a .tar.gz archive
dpkgPackage maintenance system for Debian
drpmA library for making, reading and applying deltarpm packages
dtrxDo The Right eXtraction - extracts archives of different formats
duffCommand-line utility for quickly finding duplicates in a given set of files
dumpDump/restore ext2fs backup utilities
engrampaEngrampa archive manager for MATE
file-rollerArchive manager for GNOME
funzixUnpacker for the bogus ZIX format
gcabLibrary and tool for working with Microsoft Cabinet (CAB) files
gnome-autoarAutomatic archives creating and extracting library
gtk-splitterSplit files into smaller pieces and combine them back together
gxzPure golang package for reading and writing xz-compressed files
gzipStandard GNU compressor
hardlinkA tool which replaces copies of a file with hardlinks
innoextractA tool to unpack installers created by Inno Setup
lbzip2Parallel bzip2 utility
lcabCAB file creation tool
lhaUtility for creating and opening lzh archives
libarchiveMulti-format archive and compression library
libdeflateHeavily optimized DEFLATE/zlib/gzip (de)compression
libpar2A library for par2, extracted from par2cmdline
lrzipLong Range ZIP or Lzma RZIP optimized for compressing large files
lrzip-nextFork of Con Kolivas' lrzip program for compressing large files
lunzipDecompressor for the lzip format, written in C
lxqt-archiverQt GUI File Archiver
lz4Extremely Fast Compression algorithm
lz5An efficient compressor with very fast decompression
lzipLossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
lziprecoverLziprecover is a data recovery tool and decompressor for lzip compressed files
lzlibLibrary for lzip compression
lzmaLZMA Stream Compressor from the SDK
lzopUtility for fast (even real-time) compression/decompression
makeselfShell script that generates a self-extractible tar.gz
mscompressMicrosoft compress.exe/expand.exe compatible (de)compressor
mt-stControl magnetic tape drive operation
ncompressClassic compress & uncompress programs for .Z (LZW) files
p7zipPort of 7-Zip archiver for Unix
packHaskell implementation of pack compression from the early 1980s
par2cmdlineA PAR-2.0 file verification and repair tool
par2cmdline-turbopar2cmdline × ParPar: speed focused par2cmdline fork
patoolPortable archive file manager
paxpax (Portable Archive eXchange) is the POSIX standard archive tool
pbzip2Parallel bzip2 (de)compressor using libbz2
pdlzipPublic-domain version of lzip compressor
pdvbuild a self-extracting and self-installing binary package
pet2tgzPuppy Linux .pet to .tar.gz converter
pigzA parallel implementation of gzip
pixzParallel Indexed XZ compressor
plzipParallel lzip compressor
pure-sfvutility to test and create .sfv files and create .par files
pxzParallel implementation of the XZ compression utility
qpressA portable file archiver using QuickLZ algorithm
rarRAR compressor/uncompressor
rpmRed Hat Package Management Utils
rpm2targzConvert a .rpm file to a .tar.gz archive
rzipCompression program for large files
sharutilsTools to deal with shar archives
snappyA high-speed compression/decompression library by Google
stencSCSI Tape Encryption Manager enables AES support for LTO drives
stormlibLibrary to read and write MPQ archives (Diablo, StarCraft)
stuffitAladdin Software's StuffIt and StuffIt Expander
tapeutilsUtilities for manipulation of tapes and tape image files
tarUse this to make tarballs :)
tardeltaGenerate a tarball of differences between two tarballs
tarlzA parallel archiver combining tar and lzip
tarsyncSynchronize tarball content with file system content
torrentzipCreate identical zip archives over multiple systems
unaceACE unarchiver
unadfExtract files from Amiga adf disk images
unarUnpacker for various archiving formats, e.g. rar v3
unpScript for unpacking various file formats
unrarUncompress rar files
unrpaRen'Py's RPA data file extractor
unshieldInstallShield CAB file extractor
unzipunzipper for pkzip-compressed files
upxUltimate Packer for eXecutables (free version using UCL compression and not NRV)
upx-binUltimate Packer for eXecutables, binary version with proprietary NRV compression
vimballA command-line vimball archive extractor
wimlibThe open source Windows Imaging (WIM) library
xarAn easily extensible archive format
xarchiverA GTK+ archive manager that can be used with Thunar
xdmsxDMS - Amiga DMS disk image decompressor
xz-utilsUtils for managing LZMA compressed files
zchunkFile format designed for highly efficient deltas with good compression
zipInfo ZIP (encryption support)
zooManipulate archives of files in compressed form
zopfliVery good, but slow, deflate or zlib compression
zpaqJournaling incremental deduplicating archiving compressor
zpaq-extrasA set of additional compression profiles for app-arch/zpaq
zstdzstd fast compression library


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