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0ad A free, real-time strategy game
0ad-data Data files for 0ad
asc turn based strategy game designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series
boswars Futuristic real-time strategy game
crimson Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
darwinia the hyped indie game of the year. By the Uplink creators
darwinia-demo Darwinia, the hyped indie game of the year. By the Uplink creators
defcon-demo Global thermonuclear war simulation with multiplayer support
dominions2 Dominions 2: The Ascension Wars is an epic turn-based fantasy strategy game
dopewars Re-Write of the game Drug Wars
dunelegacy Updated clone of Westood Studios' Dune2
endless-sky Space exploration, trading & combat in the tradition of Terminal Velocity
freeciv multiplayer strategy game (Civilization Clone)
freecol An open source clone of the game Colonization
freeorion A free turn-based space empire and galactic conquest game
freesynd A portable reimplementation of engine for the classic Bullfrog game, Syndicate
galaxyhack Multiplayer AI script based strategy game
glob2 Real Time Strategy (RTS) game involving a brave army of globs
gorky17-demo Horror conspiracy game mixing elements of strategy and role-playing
gwp GNOME client for the classic PBEM strategy game VGA Planets 3
hedgewars A turn-based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game
heroes3 Heroes of Might and Magic III : The Restoration of Erathia - turn-based 2-D medieval combat
heroes3-demo turn-based 2D medieval combat
ja2-stracciatella A port of Jagged Alliance 2 to SDL
ja2-stracciatella-data A port of Jagged Alliance 2 to SDL (data files)
knights-demo Anglo-Saxon medieval army battles and resource management
lgeneral A Panzer General clone written in SDL
lightyears a single-player game with a science-fiction theme
liquidwar unique multiplayer wargame
liquidwar6 Unique multiplayer wargame between liquids
majesty-demo Control your own kingdom in this simulation
maxr Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded
megaglest Cross-platform 3D realtime strategy game
megaglest-data Data files for the cross-platform 3D realtime strategy game MegaGlest
mindrover-demo Control a robot as it races across Europa
naev A 2D space trading and combat game, in a similar vein to Escape Velocity
netherearth A remake of the SPECTRUM game Nether Earth
netpanzer Fast-action multiplayer strategic network game
openra A free RTS engine supporting games like Command & Conquer and Red Alert
outerspace on-line strategy game taking place in the dangerous universe
s25rttr Open Source remake of The Settlers II game (needs original game files)
scorched3d Multi-player tank battle in 3D (OpenGL)
seven-kingdoms Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries
smac Linux port of the popular strategy game from Firaxis
spaz Space Pirates and Zombies
tornado Clone of a C64 game - destroy the opponent's house
triplea An open source clone of the popular Axis and Allies boardgame
ufo-ai UFO: Alien Invasion - X-COM inspired strategy game
uqm The Ur-Quan Masters: Port of Star Control 2
wargus Warcraft II for the Stratagus game engine
wargus-data Warcraft II data for wargus (needs DOS CD)
warmux A free Worms clone
warzone2100 3D real-time strategy game
wesnoth Battle for Wesnoth - A fantasy turn-based strategy game
widelands A game similar to Settlers 2
xbattleai A multi-player game of strategy and coordination


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