The kde-plasma category contains KDE Plasma

bluedevilBluetooth stack for KDE Plasma
breezeBreeze visual style for the Plasma desktop
breeze-grubBreeze theme for GRUB
breeze-gtkOfficial GTK+ port of Plasma's Breeze widget style
breeze-plymouthBreeze theme for Plymouth
discoverKDE Plasma resources management GUI
drkonqiPlasma crash handler, gives the user feedback if a program crashed
flatpak-kcmFlatpak Permissions Management KCM
kactivitymanagerdSystem service to manage user's activities, track the usage patterns etc.
kde-cli-toolsTools based on KDE Frameworks 6 to better interact with the system
kdecorationPlugin based library to create window decorations
kde-gtk-configSyncs KDE Plasma theme settings to GTK applications
kdeplasma-addonsExtra Plasma applets and engines
kgammaScreen gamma values kcontrol module
kglobalacceldDaemon providing Global Keyboard Shortcut (Accelerator) functionality
khotkeysKDE Plasma workspace hotkey module
kinfocenterUtility providing information about the computer hardware
kmenueditKDE Plasma menu editor
kpipewireComponents relating to Flatpak pipewire use in Plasma
kscreenKDE Plasma screen management
kscreenlockerLibrary and components for secure lock screen architecture
ksshaskpassImplementation of ssh-askpass with KDE Wallet integration
ksysguardNetwork-enabled resource usage monitor
ksystemstatsPlugin-based system monitoring daemon
kwallet-pamPAM module to not enter KWallet password again after login
kwaylandQt-style API to interact with the wayland-client API
kwayland-integrationProvides KWindowSystem integration plugin for Wayland
kwinFlexible, composited Window Manager for windowing systems on Linux
kwritedKDE Plasma daemon listening for wall and write messages
layer-shell-qtQt component to allow applications make use of Wayland wl-layer-shell protocol
libkscreenPlasma screen management library
libksysguardTask management and system monitoring library
libkworkspaceWorkspace library to interact with the Plasma session manager
libplasmaPlasma library and runtime components based upon KF5 and Qt5
milouDedicated search application built on top of Baloo
ocean-sound-themeOcean Sound Theme for Plasma
oxygenOxygen visual style for the Plasma desktop
oxygen-soundsOxygen sound theme for the Plasma desktop
plasma5supportSupport components for porting from KF5/Qt5 to KF6/Qt6
plasma-activitiesCore components for KDE's Activities System
plasma-activities-statsLibrary for accessing usage data collected by the activities system
plasma-browser-integrationIntegrate Chrome/Firefox better into Plasma through browser extensions
plasma-desktopKDE Plasma desktop
plasma-disksMonitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure
plasma-firewallPlasma frontend for Firewalld or UFW
plasma-integrationQt Platform Theme integration plugins for the Plasma workspaces
plasma-metaMerge this to pull in all Plasma 6 packages
plasma-nmKDE Plasma applet for NetworkManager
plasma-paPlasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio
plasma-sdkUseful applications for Plasma development
plasma-systemmonitorMonitor system sensors, process information and other system resources
plasma-thunderboltPlasma integration for controlling Thunderbolt devices
plasma-vaultPlasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults
plasma-welcomeA friendly onboarding wizard for Plasma
plasma-workspaceKDE Plasma workspace
plasma-workspace-wallpapersWallpapers for the Plasma workspace
plymouth-kcmKDE Plasma control module for Plymouth
polkit-kde-agentPolKit agent module for KDE Plasma
powerdevilPower management for KDE Plasma Shell
print-managerShim print-manager to ease slot 5 users into slot 6
qqc2-breeze-styleBreeze inspired QQC2 Style
sddm-kcmKDE Plasma control module for SDDM
systemsettingsControl Center to configure KDE Plasma desktop
wacomtabletWacom system settings module that supports different button/pen layout profiles
xdg-desktop-portal-kdeBackend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal that is using Qt/KDE Frameworks
xembed-sni-proxyLegacy xembed tray icons support for SNI-only system trays


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