The media-video category contains video-related applications.

acidripA gtk-perl mplayer/mencoder frontend for ripping DVDs
aegisubAdvanced subtitle editor
alevtTeletext viewer for X11
amdgpu-pro-amfAMD's closed source Advanced Media Framework (AMF) driver
aravisLibrary for video acquisition using Genicam cameras
asfrecorderLinux WindowsMedia streaming client
atomicparsleyCommand line program for manipulating iTunes-style metadata in MPEG4 files
avidemuxVideo editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks
baka-mplayerCross-platform libmpv-based multimedia player with uncluttered design subtitle downloader in bash
bbtoolsbbdmux, bbinfo, bbvinfo and bbainfo from Brent Beyeler
bdsup2subA tool to convert and tweak bitmap based subtitle streams
binkplayerBink Video! Player
binoStereoscopic and multi-display media player
blindCollection of command line video editing utilities
blinkensimGraphical Blinkenlights simulator with networking support
blinkenthemesThemes for blinkensim
blinkentoolsProvides a set of commandline utilities related to Blinkenlights
bluray_infoBlu-ray utilities: bluray_info, bluray_copy, bluray_player
ccextractorExtract closed captioning subtitles from video to SRT
ccliveCommand line tool for extracting videos from various websites
celluloidSimple GTK+ frontend for mpv
chaplinThis is a program to raw copy chapters from a dvd using libdvdread
cheeseA cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your webcam
cpvtsraw copy title sets from a DVD to your harddisc
devedengDevedeNG is a program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD)
diracOpen Source video codec
droidcamUse your phone or tablet as webcam with a v4l device driver and app
dv2subExtract info or subtitles from DV stream
dvbackupA small utility for creating backups on DV tapes
dvbsnoopDVB/MPEG stream analyzer program
dvdauthorTools for generating DVD files to be played on standalone DVD players
dvdbackupBackup content from DVD to hard disk
dvdimagecmpTool to compare a burned DVD with an image to check for errors
dvd_infoDVD utilities to print information, copy tracks, etc.
dvdstylerA cross-platform free DVD authoring application
dvgrabDigital Video (DV) grabber for GNU/Linux
ffcastRecord screencasts using ffmpeg
ffdiaporamaMovie creator from photos and video clips
ffmpegComplete solution to record/convert/stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec
ffmpeg-chromiumFFmpeg built specifically for codec support in Chromium-based browsers
ffmpegthumbnailerLightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers
flvstreamerOpen source command-line RTMP client to stream audio or video flash content
frameworksA small v4l frame capture utility especially suited for stop motion animation
gaupolA subtitle editor for text-based subtitles
gnome-video-effectsEffects for Cheese, the webcam video and picture application
gpacImplementation of the MPEG-4 Systems standard developed from scratch in ANSI C
guvcviewSimple Qt5 or GTK+3 interface for capturing and viewing video from v4l2 devices
h264encScript to encode H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10 formats
handbrakeOpen-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder
harvidHTTP Ardour Video Daemon
hevc-hmHEVC HM reference software
imaginationSimple DVD slideshow maker
isight-firmware-toolsExtract, load or export firmware for the iSight webcams
jellyfin-media-playerJellyfin Desktop Client based on Plex Media Player
jellyfin-web-binWeb Client for Jellyfin
jellyfin-web-jmp-binModified Jellyfin Web Client for use inside Jellyfin Media Player
kaffeineMedia player with digital TV support by KDE
libva-utilsCollection of utilities and tests for VA-API
lsdvdUtility for getting info out of DVDs
luvcviewUSB Video Class grabber
lxdvdripCommand line tool to automate the process of ripping and burning DVDs
m2vrequantizerTool to requantize mpeg2 videos
makemkvTool for ripping and streaming Blu-ray, HD-DVD and DVD discs
matroxsetMatrox utility to switch output modes (activate tvout)
mediainfoMediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about media files
mjpegtoolsTools for MJPEG video
mjpg-streamerMJPG-streamer takes JPGs from Linux-UVC compatible webcams
mkcleanmkclean is a command line tool to clean and optimize Matroska files
mkvalidatormkvalidator is a command line tool to verify Matroska files for spec conformance
mkvtoolnixTools to create, alter, and inspect Matroska files
motionA software motion detector
motiontrackA set of tools that detect motion between two images
movitHigh-performance, high-quality video filters for the GPU
mpeg-toolsTools for MPEG video
mpglenA program to scan through a MPEG file and count the number of GOPs and frames
mpgtxCommand line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox
mplayerMedia Player for Linux
mplay-shmplayer wrapper script as backend for vdr-mplayer
mpvMedia player for the command line
noadMark commercial breaks in VDR recordings
obs-studioSoftware for Recording and Streaming Live Video Content
oxineOSD frontend for Xine
paroleA simple Xfce4 media player using GStreamer
peekSimple animated Gif screen recorder
pgmfindclipautomatically find a clipping border for a sequence of pgm images
pipewireMultimedia processing graphs
pitiviA non-linear video editor using the GStreamer multimedia framework
popcorntime-binBitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player
projectxConverts, splits and demuxes DVB and other MPEG recordings
qmplay2A Qt-based video player, which can play most formats and codecs
rageVideo and audio player written using EFL
raspberrypi-omxplayerCommand line media player for the Raspberry Pi
rav1eThe fastest and safest AV1 encoder
recmpegSimple libfame-based video encoder, compresses raw video sequences to MPEG video
recordmydesktopDesktop session recorder producing Ogg video/audio files
rovclockOverclocking utility for ATI Radeon cards
rtmpdumpRTMP client, librtmp library intended to stream audio or video flash content
setpwcControl various aspects of Philips (and compatible) webcams
shotcutA free, open source, cross-platform video editor
simplescreenrecorderA Simple Screen Recorder
smplayerGreat Qt GUI front-end for mplayer/mpv
snappyA simple media player written using GStreamer and Clutter
sonic-snapWebcam app for sn9c10x based camera controllers (with optional MPEG4 support)
streamdvdfast tool to backup Video DVDs 'on the fly'
sub2srtTool to convert several subtitle formats into subviewer srt
subcheckSubcheck checks srt subtitle files for errors
subliminalPython library to search and download subtitles
submux-dvdA subtitle multiplexer, muxes subtitles into .vob
subsyncsubsync is an program that synchronizes srt subtitle files
subtitlecomposerText-based subtitles editor
subtitleeditorGTK+3 subtitle editing tool
subtitler-yuvfor mjpegtools for adding subtitles, pictures & effects embedded in the picture
super_demuxDVB transport stream TS to ES demultiplexer
tcmplex-panteltjeAudio video multiplexer for 8 audio channels
tivodecodeTiVo File Decoder
totemMedia player for GNOME
tsmuxerUtility to create and demux TS and M2TS files
ttcutTool for cutting MPEG files especially for removing commercials
ushareuShare is a UPnP (TM) A/V & DLNA Media Server
v4l2loopbackv4l2 loopback device whose output is its own input
vampsVery fast requantisizing tool for backup DVDs
vcdimagerGNU VCDimager
vcsiCreate thumbnail sheets from video files
vdrVideo Disk Recorder - turns a pc into a powerful set top box for DVB
vdr2jpegAddon needed for XXV - WWW Admin for the Video Disk Recorder
vdrsyncconverting vdr-recordings to mpeg2, dvd or other similar formats
vdrtools-genindexVDR: genindex Script
vidcutterFFmpeg-based simple video cutter & joiner with a modern PyQt5 GUI
videotransA package to convert movies to DVD format and to build DVDs with
vidifyWatch music videos in real time for the songs playing on your device
vidify-audiosyncAudio synchronization feature for vidify
vlcMedia player and framework with support for most multimedia files and streaming
vobcopyCopies DVD .vob files to harddisk, decrypting them on the way
webcamoidFull featured webcam capture application
wireplumberReplacement for pipewire-media-session
x264-encoderA free commandline encoder for X264/AVC streams
xine-uiXine movie player
xvattrX11 XVideo Querying/Setting Tool from Ogle project
xvid4confGTK2-configuration dialog for xvid4
yle-dlDownload media files from Yle Areena


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