The sys-boot category contains bootloaders and related tools.
aboot Alpha Linux boot loader for SRM
arcload ARCLoad - Bootloader for SGI IP22/IP32/IP27/IP28/IP30 Systems
bootcreator Simple generator for Forth based BootMenu scripts for Pegasos machines
colo CObalt LOader - Modern bootloader for Cobalt MIPS machines
cromwell Xbox boot loader
cromwell-bin Xbox boot loader precompiled binaries from
dvhtool Tool to copy kernel(s) into the volume header on SGI MIPS-based workstations
efibootmgr User-space application to modify the EFI boot manager
elilo Linux boot loader for EFI-based systems such as IA-64
gnu-efi Library for build EFI Applications
grub GNU GRUB boot loader
lilo LInux LOader, the original Linux bootloader
makebootfat Command line utility able to create bootable USB disks
mbr A replacement master boot record for IBM-PC compatible computers
milo The Alpha MIniLOader, for Alpha Machines without SRM
mokutil The utility to manipulate machines owner keys which managed in shim
nettrom NetWinder ARM bootloader and utilities
os-prober Utility to detect other OSs on a set of drives
palo PALO: PArisc Linux Loader
plymouth Graphical boot animation (splash) and logger
plymouth-openrc-plugin Plymouth plugin for OpenRC
raspberrypi-firmware Raspberry Pi (all versions) bootloader and GPU firmware
refind The UEFI Boot Manager by Rod Smith
sgibootcd Creates burnable CD images for SGI LiveCDs
shim Fedora's signed UEFI shim
silo SPARC/UltraSPARC Improved Loader, a boot loader for sparc
tboot Performs a measured and verified boot using Intel Trusted Execution Technology
unetbootin UNetbootin installs Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive
vboot-utils Chrome OS verified boot tools
woeusb Creates windows installer on usb media from an iso image
yaboot PPC Bootloader
yaboot-static Static yaboot ppc boot loader for machines with open firmware


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