The sys-boot category contains bootloaders and related tools.

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aboot Alpha Linux boot loader for SRM
arcload ARCLoad - SGI Multi-bootloader. Able to bootload many different SGI Systems
bootcreator Simple generator for Forth based BootMenu scripts for Pegasos machines
colo CObalt LOader - Modern bootloader for Cobalt MIPS machines
cromwell Xbox boot loader
cromwell-bin Xbox boot loader precompiled binaries from
dvhtool Tool to copy kernel(s) into the volume header on SGI MIPS-based workstations
efibootmgr User-space application to modify the EFI boot manager
elilo Linux boot loader for EFI-based systems such as IA-64
getdvhoff Utility for use on LiveCDs to calculate offset of the ext2 partition for losetup
gnu-efi Library for build EFI Applications
grub GNU GRUB boot loader
grub-static GNU GRUB Legacy boot loader (static build)
lilo Standard Linux boot loader
makebootfat Command line utility able to create bootable USB disks
mbr A replacement master boot record for IBM-PC compatible computers
mbr-gpt An MBR that can handle BIOS-based boot on GPT
milo The Alpha MIniLOader, for Alpha Machines without SRM
netboot netbooting utility
nettrom NetWinder ARM bootloader and utilities
os-prober Utility to detect other OSs on a set of drives
palo PALO : PArisc Linux Loader
plymouth Graphical boot animation (splash) and logger
plymouth-openrc-plugin Plymouth plugin for OpenRC
psoload Load home brewed code onto the GameCube with Phantasy Star Online
quik OldWorld PowerMac Bootloader
raincoat Flash the Xbox boot chip
raspberrypi-firmware Raspberry PI boot loader and firmware
raspberrypi-mkimage Raspberry Pi kernel mangling tool mkimage/
refind The rEFInd UEFI Boot Manager by Rod Smith
sgibootcd Creates burnable CD images for SGI LiveCDs
shlilo-lantank bootloader for the SuperH Lantank
silo SPARC/UltraSPARC Improved Loader, a boot loader for sparc
systemd-boot UEFI boot manager from systemd (formerly gummiboot)
systemrescuecd-x86-grub Grub menu entries for the .iso image of systemrescuecd-x86
tboot Performs a measured and verified boot using Intel Trusted Execution Technology
udk Tianocore UEFI Development kit
unetbootin UNetbootin installs Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive
vboot-utils Chrome OS verified boot tools
winusb Creates windows installer on usb media from an iso image
yaboot PPC Bootloader
yaboot-static Static yaboot ppc boot loader for machines with open firmware


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