The xfce-extra category contains non-core XFCE applications.

thunar-archive-pluginArchive plug-in for the Thunar filemanager
thunar-media-tags-pluginAdds special features for media files to the Thunar File Manager
thunar-shares-pluginThunar plugin to share files using Samba
thunar-vcs-pluginAdds Subversion and GIT actions to the context menu of thunar
xfce4-alsa-pluginSimple ALSA volume control for xfce4-panel
xfce4-battery-pluginA battery monitor panel plugin for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-calculator-pluginA calculator plugin for the Xfce4 panel
xfce4-clipman-pluginA clipboard manager plug-in for the Xfce panel
xfce4-cpufreq-pluginA panel plugin for showing information about cpufreq settings
xfce4-cpugraph-pluginA system load plug-in for the Xfce panel
xfce4-datetime-pluginA panel plug-in with date, time and embedded calendar
xfce4-dictA dict.org querying application and panel plug-in for the Xfce desktop
xfce4-diskperf-pluginA panel plug-in for disk usage and performance statistics
xfce4-eyes-pluginA panel plug-in which adds classic eyes to your every step
xfce4-fsguard-pluginA filesystem guard plug-in for the Xfce panel
xfce4-genmon-pluginCyclically spawned executable output on the panel
xfce4-hdapsShow the status of the IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System
xfce4-indicator-pluginA panel plugin that uses indicator-applet to show new messages
xfce4-kbdleds-pluginA panel plug-in to show state of Caps, Num and Scroll Lock keys
xfce4-mailwatch-pluginAn mail notification panel plug-in for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-mixerA volume control application and panel plugin for Xfce
xfce4-mount-pluginAn mount plug-in for the Xfce panel
xfce4-mpc-pluginMusic Player Daemon (mpd) panel plugin
xfce4-netload-pluginA network load plug-in for the Xfce panel
xfce4-notes-pluginXfce4 panel sticky notes plugin
xfce4-notifydNotification daemon for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-panel-profilesSimple application to manage Xfce panel layouts
xfce4-places-pluginA panel plug-in to provide quick access to files, folders and removable media
xfce4-pulseaudio-pluginA panel plug-in for PulseAudio volume control
xfce4-screensaverScreen saver and locker (port of MATE screensaver)
xfce4-screenshooterXfce4 screenshooter application and panel plugin
xfce4-sensors-pluginA panel plug-in for acpi, lm-sensors and hddtemp sensors
xfce4-smartbookmark-pluginSmart bookmark plug-in for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-systemload-pluginSystem load plug-in for Xfce panel
xfce4-taskmanagerEasy to use task manager
xfce4-time-out-pluginA panel plug-in to take periodical breaks from the computer
xfce4-timer-pluginA simple timer plug-in for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-verve-pluginA comfortable command line plugin for the Xfce panel
xfce4-volumed-pulseDaemon to control volume up/down and mute keys for pulseaudio
xfce4-wavelan-pluginA panel plug-in to display wireless interface statistics
xfce4-weather-pluginA weather plug-in for the Xfce desktop environment
xfce4-whiskermenu-pluginAlternate application launcher for Xfce
xfce4-windowck-pluginPanel plugin to put the maximized window title and window buttons on the panel
xfce4-xkb-pluginXKB layout switching panel plug-in for the Xfce desktop environment
xfdashboardMaybe a GNOME shell like dashboard for the Xfce desktop environment


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