Version 2024.4.15 is available upstream. Please consider updating!
It seems that version 2024.4.15 is available upstream, while the latest version in the Gentoo tree is 2024.04.15.
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Available Versions

2024.04.15  : 0 EAPI 8 ~amd64?x86?alpha?arm ~arm64?hppa?ia64?ppc?ppc64?riscv?sparc
2024.03.02  : 0 EAPI 8 ~amd64?x86?alpha?arm ~arm64?hppa?ia64?ppc?ppc64?riscv?sparc
2023.04.22  : 0 EAPI 8 ~amd64?x86?alpha?arm ~arm64?hppa?ia64?ppc?ppc64?riscv?sparc

Deprecation Warning

  • Test automation tools. They are generally used to run the test suite across multiple Python versions, i.e. what our eclasses do for you already. They usually can't work inside network sandbox (since they fetch and install all the dependencies inside the venv), so even if they are listed in dependencies, your package probably does not actually need them to run tests.
    Michał Górny <> (2022-06-19)

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