3to2 Tool to refactor valid 3.x syntax into valid 2.x syntax
absl-py Abseil Python Common Libraries
abydos Abydos NLP/IR library
aiodns Simple DNS resolver for asyncio
aiofiles File support for asyncio
aiohttp http client/server for asyncio
aiohttp-cors Implements CORS support for aiohttp asyncio-powered asynchronous HTTP server
aiohttp-jinja2 jinja2 template renderer for aiohttp.web
aiohttp-socks SOCKS proxy connector for aiohttp
aiorpcX Generic async RPC implementation, including JSON-RPC
aiosmtpd asyncio based SMTP server
alabaster A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
alagitpull alabaster sub-theme used on git-pull docs
alembic database migrations tool, written by the author of SQLAlchemy
ament_package Parser for the manifest files in the ament buildsystem
amodem Transmit data between two computers using audio
aniso8601 A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings
ansi ANSI cursor movement and graphics in Python
ansi2html Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML
ansicolor Produce ansi color output and colored highlighting and diffing
anyqt PyQt4/PyQt5 compatibility layer
aodhclient A client for the OpenStack Aodh API
apipkg Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism
apispec A pluggable API specification generator.
appdirs Module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs
APScheduler In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
apsw APSW - Another Python SQLite Wrapper
argcomplete Bash tab completion for argparse
argh A simple argparse wrapper
argon2-cffi CFFI bindings to the Argon2 password hashing library
argparse-manpage Automatically build man-pages for your Python project
arpeggio Parser interpreter based on PEG grammars
arrow Better dates and times for Python
asgiref ASGI utilities (successor to WSGI)
asn1crypto Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API