Version 24.05.0 is available upstream. Please consider updating!
It seems that version 24.05.0 is available upstream, while the latest version in the Gentoo tree is 24.04.90.
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Available Versions

24.04.90  : 5 M EAPI 8 ~amd64 ~x86?alpha?arm ~arm64?hppa?ia64?ppc?ppc64 ~riscv?sparc
24.02.2  : 5 EAPI 8 amd64 x86?alpha?arm arm64?hppa?ia64?ppc?ppc64 ~riscv?sparc


  • KDE Plasma 6.0.5, Gear 24.05 RC1 and Frameworks 6.2.0 mask
    Don't do anything unless you're intentionally moving to Plasma 6, which is masked still for a reason. If you get this message just from conflicts where you're not trying to do that, please cleanup stale entries in /etc/portage and your world file.
    Plasma 6 replaces 5. For conflict resolution between KF5- and KF6-packages: - put '-kf6compat' into /etc/portage/profile/use.mask - enable USE=kf6compat globally - if you have the following packages installed, put the following into /etc/portage/package.use in order to avoid conflicts: dev-util/kdevelop:5 -gdbui -plasma If you encounter ... - build-time/packaging bugs: - file a bug after making sure none exists yet for your issue - runtime bugs: - work with upstream and help test patches using /etc/portage/patches
    Andreas Sturmlechner <> (2024-05-21)

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