The kde-apps category contains packages released by KDE as part of KDE Applications 5.
akonadi Storage service for PIM data and libraries for PIM apps
akonadi-calendar Library for akonadi calendar integration
akonadiconsole Application for debugging Akonadi Resources
akonadi-contacts Library for akonadi contact integration
akonadi-import-wizard Assistant to import PIM data from other applications into Akonadi
akonadi-mime Library for akonadi mime types
akonadi-notes Library for akonadi notes integration
akonadi-search Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi
akregator News feed aggregator
analitza KDE library for mathematical features
ark File archiver by KDE
artikulate Language learning application that helps improving pronunciation skills
audiocd-kio KIO worker for accessing audio CDs
baloo-widgets Widget library for baloo
blinken Memory enhancement game based on KDE Frameworks
bomber Single player arcade bombing game
bovo Five-in-a-row Board Game
calendarjanitor Tool to scan calendar data for buggy instances
calendarsupport Calendar support library
cantor Interface for doing mathematics and scientific computing
cervisia CVS frontend by KDE
dolphin Plasma filemanager focusing on usability
dolphin-plugins-dropbox Dolphin plugin for Dropbox service integration
dolphin-plugins-git Dolphin plugin for Git integration
dolphin-plugins-mercurial Dolphin plugin for Mercurial integration
dolphin-plugins-subversion Dolphin plugin for Subversion integration
dragon Simple video player
eventviews Calendar viewer for KDE PIM
ffmpegthumbs FFmpeg based thumbnail generator for video files
filelight Visualise disk usage with interactive map of concentric, segmented rings
granatier KDE Bomberman game
grantlee-editor Utilities and tools to manage themes in KDE PIM applications
grantleetheme Library for Grantlee plugins
gwenview Image viewer by KDE
incidenceeditor Incidence editor for korganizer
juk Jukebox and music manager by KDE
k3b Full-featured burning and ripping application based on KDE Frameworks
kaccounts-integration Administer web accounts for the sites and services across the Plasma desktop
kaccounts-providers KDE accounts providers
kaddressbook Address book application based on KDE Frameworks
kajongg Classical Mah Jongg for four players
kalarm Application to manage alarms and other timer based alerts for the desktop
kalgebra MathML-based 2D and 3D graph calculator by KDE
kalzium Periodic table of the elements
kamera Plasma integration for gphoto2 cameras
kamoso Application to take pictures and videos from your webcam by KDE
kanagram Game based on anagrams of words
kapman Pac-Man clone by KDE
kapptemplate Shell script to create the necessary framework to develop KDE applications
kate Multi-document editor with network transparency, Plasma integration and more
kate-addons Addons used by Kate
kate-lib Shared library used by Kate/Kwrite and Kate-Addons
katomic KDE Atomic Entertainment Game
kbackup Program that lets you back up any directories or files
kblackbox Game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes
kblocks Single-player Tetris-like KDE game
kbounce KDE Bounce Ball Game
kbreakout Breakout-like game by KDE
kbruch Educational application to learn calculating with fractions
kcachegrind Frontend for Cachegrind by KDE
kcalc KDE calculator
kcalutils Library providing utility functions for the handling of calendar data
kcharselect KDE character selection utility
kcolorchooser KDE color selector/editor
kcron KDE Task Scheduler
kdeaccessibility-meta kdeaccessibility - merge this to pull in all kdeaccessiblity-derived packages
kdeadmin-meta KDE administration tools - merge this to pull in all kdeadmin-derived packages
kde-apps-meta Meta package for the KDE Release Service collection
kdebugsettings Application to enable/disable qCDebug
kdecore-meta kdecore - merge this to pull in the most basic applications
kde-dev-scripts KDE Development Scripts
kde-dev-utils KDE Development Utilities
kdeedu-data Shared icons, artwork and data files for educational applications
kdeedu-meta KDE educational apps - merge this to pull in all kdeedu-derived packages
kdegames-meta kdegames - merge this to pull in all kdegames-derived packages
kdegraphics-meta kdegraphics - merge this to pull in all kdegraphics-derived packages
kdegraphics-mobipocket Library to support mobipocket ebooks
kdemultimedia-meta kdemultimedia - merge this to pull in all kdemultimedia-derived packages
kdenetwork-filesharing Samba filesharing plugin for file properties
kdenetwork-meta kdenetwork - merge this to pull in all kdenetwork-derived packages
kdenlive Non-linear video editing suite by KDE
kdepim-addons Plugins for KDE Personal Information Management Suite
kdepim-meta KDE PIM - merge this to pull in all kdepim-derived packages
kdepim-runtime Runtime plugin collection to extend the functionality of KDE PIM
kdesdk-meta KDE SDK - merge this to pull in all kdesdk-derived packages
kdesdk-thumbnailers Thumbnail generator for PO files
kdeutils-meta kdeutils - merge this to pull in all kdeutils-derived packages
kdf KDE free disk space utility
kdialog Can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts
kdiamond Single player three-in-a-row game
keditbookmarks Bookmarks editor based on KDE Frameworks
kfind File finder utility based on KDE Frameworks
kfloppy Straightforward graphical means to format 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks
kfourinline KDE four-in-a-row game
kgeography Geography learning tool
kget Advanced download manager by KDE
kgoldrunner Game of action and puzzle solving by KDE
kgpg Frontend for GnuPG, a powerful encryption utility by KDE
khangman Classical hangman game by KDE
khelpcenter Application to read documentation for KDE Plasma, Applications, Utilities
kidentitymanagement Library for managing identitites
kig KDE Interactive Geometry tool
kigo Go game by KDE
killbots Kill the bots or they kill you!
kimagemapeditor Generator of HTML image maps
kimap Library for interacting with IMAP servers
kio-extras KIO plugins present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data
kiriki An addictive and fun dice game
kiten KDE Japanese dictionary and reference
kitinerary Data Model and Extraction System for Travel Reservation information
kjumpingcube Tactical one or two player game
kldap Library for interacting with LDAP servers
kleopatra Certificate manager and GUI for OpenPGP and CMS cryptography
klettres Alphabet learning application
klickety An adaptation of the Clickomania game
klines A little KDE game about balls and how to get rid of them
kmag KDE screen magnifier
kmahjongg A tile matching game for one or two players
kmail Email client, supporting POP3 and IMAP mailboxes
kmail-account-wizard Assistant for KMail accounts configuration
kmailtransport Mail transport service
kmbox Library for accessing MBox format mail storages
kmime Libary for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles
kmines Classic mine sweeper game
kmix Volume control gui based on KDE Frameworks
kmousetool KDE program that clicks the mouse for you
kmouth Text-to-speech synthesizer front end
kmplot Mathematical function plotter
knavalbattle Battleship clone by KDE
knetwalk KDE version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators
knights Simple chess board based on KDE Frameworks
knotes Note taking application
kolf Minigolf game by KDE
kollision Simple ball dodging game
kolourpaint Paint Program by KDE
kompare A program to view the differences between files
konqueror Web browser and file manager based on KDE Frameworks
konquest Galactic Strategy KDE Game
konsole KDE's terminal emulator
konsolekalendar Command line interface to KDE calendars
kontact Container application to unify several major PIM applications within one
kontactinterface Library for embedding KParts in a Kontact component
kopete Multi-protocol IM client based on KDE Frameworks
korganizer Organizational assistant, providing calendars and other similar functionality
kpat KDE patience game
kpimtextedit Extended text editor for PIM applications
kpkpass Library to deal with Apple Wallet pass files
kqtquickcharts Qt Quick plugin for beautiful and interactive charts
krdc Remote desktop connection (RDP and VNC) client
kreversi Board game by KDE
krfb VNC-compatible server to share Plasma desktops
kruler Screen ruler for Plasma
kshisen Solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles
ksirk Port of the board game risk
ksmtp Job-based library to send email through an SMTP server
ksnakeduel KDE Tron game
kspaceduel Space Game by KDE
ksquares KDE clone of the game squares
ksudoku Logic-based symbol placement puzzle by KDE
ksystemlog System log viewer by KDE
kteatime KDE timer for making a fine cup of tea
ktimer Little tool to execute programs after some time
ktouch Program that helps to learn and practice touch typing
ktp-accounts-kcm KDE Telepathy account management kcm
ktp-approver KDE Telepathy notification handler
ktp-auth-handler KDE Telepathy authentication handler
ktp-common-internals KDE Telepathy common library
ktp-contact-list KDE Telepathy contact list
ktp-contact-runner KDE Telepathy krunner plugin
ktp-desktop-applets KDE Telepathy contact, presence and chat Plasma applets
ktp-filetransfer-handler KDE Telepathy file transfer handler
ktp-kded-module KDE Telepathy workspace integration
ktp-send-file KDE Telepathy file manager plugin to send files to contacts
ktp-text-ui KDE Telepathy text chat window
ktuberling Potato game for kids by KDE
kturtle Educational programming environment using the Logo programming language
kubrick Game based on the "Rubik's Cube" puzzle by KDE
kwalletmanager Tool to manage the passwords on your system using KDE Wallet
kwave Sound editor built on KDE Frameworks 5 that can edit many types of audio files
kwordquiz Powerful flashcard and vocabulary learning program
kwrite Simple text editor based on KDE Frameworks
libgravatar Library for gravatar integration
libkcddb KDE library for CDDB
libkcompactdisc Library for playing & ripping CDs
libkdcraw Digital camera raw image library wrapper
libkdegames Base library common to many KDE games
libkdepim Common PIM libraries
libkeduvocdocument Library for reading/writing KVTML
libkexiv2 Wrapper around exiv2 library
libkgapi Library for accessing Google calendar and contact resources
libkleo Library for encryption handling
libkmahjongg Mahjongg library based on Qt/KDE Frameworks
libkomparediff2 KDE library to compare files and strings
libksane SANE Library interface based on KDE Frameworks
libksieve Common PIM libraries
libktnef Library for handling TNEF data
lokalize Localization tool for KDE software and other free and open source software
lskat Skat game by KDE
mailcommon Common mail library
mailimporter Library to import mail from various sources
marble Virtual Globe and World Atlas to learn more about Earth
mbox-importer Import mbox email archives from various sources into Akonadi
messagelib Libraries for messaging functions
minuet Music Education software by KDE
okular Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks
palapeli Jigsaw puzzle game by KDE
parley Vocabulary trainer to help you memorize things
picmi Nonogram logic game by KDE
pimcommon Common PIM libraries
pim-data-exporter Assistant to backup and archive PIM data and configuration
pim-sieve-editor Assistant for editing IMAP Sieve filters
plasma-telepathy-meta Plasma Telepathy client
poxml KDE utility to translate DocBook XML files using gettext po files
print-manager Manage print jobs and printers in Plasma
rocs Interface to work with Graph Theory
signon-kwallet-extension KWallet extension for signond
spectacle Screenshot capture utility
step Interactive physics simulator
svgpart Kpart for viewing SVGs
sweeper Privacy settings widget to clean unwanted traces on the system
thumbnailers Thumbnail generators for Mobipocket, PDF/PS and RAW files
umbrello KDE UML Modeller
yakuake Quake-style terminal emulator based on konsole


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