local USE flag

Apply experimental (80xx) patches.

Packages describing “experimental” as local USE flag

Package “experimental” Flag Description
sys-kernel/mips-sources Apply experimental (80xx) patches.
sys-kernel/gentoo-sources Apply experimental patches; for more information, see "https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Kernel/Experimental".
dev-lang/zig Enable builds that do not support all of LLVM's target architectures
net-nds/openldap Enable experimental backend options
media-libs/harfbuzz Enable experimental APIs
net-wireless/aircrack-ng Build the "experimental" tools which may randomly fail to run properly
net-analyzer/hexinject Install experimental packets.tcl
app-office/kexi Enable features deemed experimental by upstream
app-text/wdiff Build experimental utilities (mdiff, unify, wdiff2)
dev-db/mysql Build experimental features aka "rapid" plugins
dev-haskell/foundation enable building experimental features, known as highly unstable or without good support cross-platform
dev-libs/libsecp256k1 Allow experimental USE flags
kde-apps/ktp-accounts-kcm Enables disabled telepathy services (currently only steam)
media-plugins/calf Enable experimental features/plugins
net-misc/ptpd Enable experimental features
net-wireless/bluez Build experimental plugins

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