global USE flag

Add support for media-libs/gstreamer (Streaming media)

Packages describing “gstreamer” as local USE flag

Package “gstreamer” Flag Description
media-video/aravis Build the GStreamer plugin.
gnome-base/nautilus Enable the Audio/Video file properties page
media-libs/libcanberra Enables gstreamer sound driver. Not useful when alsa or pulseaudio is available.
media-video/vlc Enable GStreamer based decoding support (currently supports only video decoding)
dev-qt/qtmultimedia Enable audio support via media-libs/gstreamer
app-text/pdfpc Compile support for movie playback (media-libs/gstreamer)
x11-libs/wxGTK Enable the wxMediaCtrl class for playing audio and video through gstreamer.
net-im/pidgin Enables voice and video sessions
media-video/handbrake Support for the streaming media framework from media-libs/gstreamer.
media-sound/pulseaudio-daemon Build GStreamer-based RTP protocol module which supports more advanced RTP features like OPUS payload encoding.

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