Global USE flag

Install only C headers instead of whole package. Mainly used by sys-devel/crossdev for toolchain bootstrap.

Packages describing “headers-only” as local USE flag

Package “headers-only” Flag Description
app-antivirus/clamav Bypass building of libfreshclam and the ClamAV CLI applications.
dev-haskell/aeson-pretty don't build 'aeson-pretty' executable.
dev-libs/ocl-icd Install Khronos OpenCL headers.
media-fonts/terminus-font Remove non-unicode PCF fonts that could be problematic. See bug #520222.
media-video/webcamoid Install development headers
net-libs/webkit-gtk Use GLES 2.0 or later instead of full OpenGL
net-misc/ptpd Enable slave only operation (remove master mode functionality)
sys-cluster/neutron Only install things needed on compute hosts
sys-cluster/nova only install stuff needed for a compute host
sys-fs/lvm2 Build only device-mapper and not the rest of LVM2 (UNSUPPORTED)
x11-libs/cairo Build the OpenGL ES 2 backend
x11-themes/mate-themes-meta Allow dependency-resolution for a system without GTK+3