Enable support for json serialization

Packages describing “json” as local USE flag

Package “json” Flag Description
dev-php/pecl-memcached Enable support for json serialization
www-servers/uwsgi Support json as a configuration file format.
dev-ruby/vcr Add support for casettes serialized with JSON
media-libs/raptor Enable support for JSON parsing
app-admin/ulogd Build JSON output plugin to save packets in JSON file format
media-libs/quvi Enable support for JSON output
app-admin/syslog-ng Enable support for JSON template formatting via dev-libs/json-c
dev-libs/efl Enable lottie animation support
dev-libs/poco Add JSON support
net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp Enable JSON for cli and daemon
dev-games/ogre Use dev-libs/rapidjson (needed by Hlms JSON materials)
sys-cluster/keepalived compile with signal to dump configuration and stats as JSON.
gnome-extra/libgda Enable support for JSON format
dev-perl/Config-Any Install support libraries to support decoding JSON config files
www-apache/mod_security Suppose JSON in the request body parser through dev-libs/yajl.
dev-util/ctags Enable JSON output support
net-dns/bind Enable JSON statistics channel
net-firewall/nftables Enable JSON support via dev-libs/jansson
dev-vcs/fossil Enable the JSON API of Fossil's wiki
dev-lang/php Enable JSON support
dev-php/pecl-redis Enables json serializer support
sci-libs/opencascade Enable JSON support through dev-libs/rapidjson
net-fs/samba Enable json audit support through dev-libs/jansson
net-misc/networkmanager Enable JSON validation via dev-libs/jansson in libnm.
sci-libs/vtk Support for json formatted data
app-editors/emacs Compile with native JSON support using dev-libs/jansson
sys-cluster/slurm Add support for json-persing via json-c
x11-misc/splatmoji Escape output in JSON style using app-misc/jq
net-misc/kafkacat Enable json support

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