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Pull in kde-apps/kdenetwork-meta packages

Packages describing “network” as local USE flag

Package “network” Flag Description
kde-apps/kde-apps-meta Pull in kde-apps/kdenetwork-meta packages
sys-apps/firejail Enable networking features
dev-python/QtPy Pull in bindings for the QtNetwork module
dev-python/PyQt5 Build bindings for the QtNetwork module
dev-qt/qtbase Build Qt6Network module
x11-misc/polybar Enable network support
dev-qt/qt-docs Install documentation for dev-qt/qtnetwork
media-video/mplayer Enables network streaming support
net-wireless/blueman Add functionality to setup (host) PAN connections using either net-dns/dnsmasq or net-misc/dhcp
app-containers/apptainer Install network plug-ins
dev-python/pyside6 Build QtNetwork module
sci-biology/bioperl Install sci-biology/bioperl-run
games-arcade/burgerspace Enable client-server support
dev-python/PyQt6 Build bindings for the QtNetwork module
games-emulation/dosbox-staging Enable networking features (modem, ipx)
media-libs/phonon-gstreamer Enable network streaming support via libsoup
media-sound/fluidsynth enable network support (requires BSD sockets)
media-video/ffmpeg Enables network streaming support
dev-libs/qcoro5 Build dev-qt/qtnetwork support
app-admin/keepassxc Enable network support
dev-qt/qtdiag Report network information
dev-python/pyside2 Build QtNetwork module
media-sound/mpd Enables network streaming support
gui-apps/waybar Enable libnl support for network related features
media-sound/drumstick Build Network RT backend
net-wireless/gnuradio enable block for networking support
dev-haskell/tls Use the base network library.

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