Local USE flag

Packages describing “pcap” as local USE flag

Package “pcap” Flag Description
app-admin/sagan Add support for network packet capture via net-libs/libpcap
app-admin/ulogd Build PCAP output plugin to save packets in libpcap file format
app-crypt/johntheripper-jumbo Build with pcap support
app-emulation/libvirt Support auto learning IP addreses for routing
app-emulation/wine-staging Support packet capture software (e.g. wireshark)
app-emulation/wine-vanilla Support packet capture software (e.g. wireshark)
kde-plasma/ksysguard Enable per-process network statistic collection using net-libs/libpcap
net-analyzer/flowgrind Enable packet capturing support using net-libs/libpcap
net-analyzer/metasploit Enable libpcap for packet sniffing
net-analyzer/net-snmp Install snmppcap which reads from PCAP files and writes to the SNMP transport
net-analyzer/pchar Use the net-libs/libpcap library
net-analyzer/scanlogd Use net-libs/libpcap for packet capturing
net-analyzer/wireshark Use net-libs/libpcap for network packet capturing (build dumpcap, rawshark)
net-dialup/freeradius Build the RADIUS sniffer which requires net-libs/libpcap.
net-firewall/iptables Build against net-libs/libpcap which enables the nfbpf_compile util
net-libs/daq Build the PCAP data acquisition module.
net-libs/libssh Build with PCAP output support
net-misc/ptpd Require net-libs/libpcap to allow layer 2 (raw Ethernet) transport
net-misc/sipp Enable functionality to replay RTP data from a pcap file
net-misc/vde Enable the pcap-based plugin that allows creating a switch against a real interface.
net-wireless/horst Add support for network packet capture via net-libs/libpcap
sci-libs/pcl Adds pcap file capabilities in some drivers.