Global USE flag

Enable sound support

Packages describing “sound” as local USE flag

Package “sound” Flag Description
app-misc/anki Enable support for adding sound to cards
games-arcade/tuxanci Enable sound
games-board/pysolfc Enable sound support using dev-python/pygame
games-roguelike/angband Enable and install sounds
games-rpg/drascula Install optional audio files
games-rpg/eternal-lands-data Enables in-game sound effects
games-strategy/freeciv Add support for sound provided by media-libs/sdl-mixer
gnome-base/gdm Allow loading of bluetooth sound modules. This may be necessary for accessibility screen readers, but may cause bluetooth sound issues for users logging in.
media-libs/libcanberra Install x11-themes/sound-theme-freedesktop to get sounds on Gnome and Xfce.
media-libs/libgroove Enable audio playing.
media-libs/libsdl Control audio support (disable at your own risk)
media-libs/libsdl2 Control audio support (disable at your own risk)
net-im/toxic Enables audio calling