Local USE flag

Packages describing “zeromq” as local USE flag

Package “zeromq” Flag Description
app-admin/rsyslog Build the ZeroMQ input and output modules (requires net-libs/czmq)
app-admin/salt Add support for the zeromq transport.
app-text/groonga Enable net-libs/zeromq used for suggestion
media-video/ffmpeg Enables net-libs/zeromq support with the zmq/azmq filters.
net-p2p/bitcoin-qt Report blocks and transactions via zeromq
net-p2p/bitcoind Report blocks and transactions via zeromq
net-wireless/gnuradio enable zeromq message passing blocks
net-wireless/srslte enable zeromq message passing
sci-chemistry/molequeue Build with net-libs/zeromq support
sci-misc/tango Allow to use ZeroMQ broker via net-libs/zeromq
www-servers/uwsgi Enable logging and deployment via ZeroMQ.