The app-eselect category contains modules for the eselect configuration and administration tool.
eselect-blas BLAS/CBLAS module for eselect
eselect-cblas C-language BLAS module for eselect
eselect-cdparanoia Manage /usr/bin/cdparanoia symlink
eselect-chuck Manages the /usr/bin/chuck symlink
eselect-ctags Manages ctags implementations
eselect-dotnet Eselect module for management of multiple dotnet versions
eselect-emacs Manage multiple Emacs versions on one system
eselect-fontconfig An eselect module to manage /etc/fonts/conf.d symlinks
eselect-gnome-shell-extensions Manages system defaults for GNOME Shell extensions
eselect-gradle Manage multiple Gradle versions on one system
eselect-iptables Manages the {,/usr}/sbin/iptables symlink
eselect-java A set of eselect modules for Java
eselect-lapack LAPACK module for eselect
eselect-lib-bin-symlink An eselect library to manage executable symlinks
eselect-lua Lua eselect module
eselect-luajit Manages LuaJIT symlinks
eselect-mpg123 Manage /usr/bin/mpg123 symlink
eselect-notify-send Manage /usr/bin/notify-send symlink
eselect-oodict Manages configuration of dictionaries for OpenOffice.Org
eselect-package-manager Manages PACKAGE_MANAGER environment variable
eselect-php PHP eselect module
eselect-pinentry Manage /usr/bin/pinentry symlink
eselect-postgresql Utility to select the default PostgreSQL slot
eselect-pwsh Eselect module for management of multiple pwsh versions
eselect-python Eselect module for management of multiple Python versions
eselect-rails Manages Ruby on Rails symlinks
eselect-repository Manage repos.conf via eselect
eselect-ruby Manages multiple Ruby versions
eselect-rust Eselect module for management of multiple Rust versions
eselect-scala Manages multiple Scala versions
eselect-sndpeek Manages the /usr/bin/sndpeek symlink
eselect-timezone Manages timezone selection
eselect-timidity Manages configuration of TiMidity++ patchsets
eselect-unison unison module for eselect
eselect-vdr Manages the VDR plugins
eselect-vi Manages the /usr/bin/vi symlink
eselect-wine Manage active Wine slots and variants
eselect-wxwidgets Eselect module and wrappers for wxWidgets
eselect-zig Manages Zig versions


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