The dev-games category contains libraries and utilities relevant to games programming.
aseprite Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
cegui Crazy Eddie's GUI System
clanlib Multi-platform game development library
flatzebra Generic game engine for 2D double-buffering animation
freecell-solver C library for automatically solving Freecell and some other solitaire variants
freesolid Library for collision detection of three-dimensional objects
godot Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor
guichan A portable C++ GUI library designed for games using Allegro, SDL and/or OpenGL
hawknl A cross-platform network library designed for games
hdl_dump Game installer for PlayStation 2 HD Loader and Open PS2 Loader
irrlicht open source high performance realtime 3D engine written in C++
irrlicht-headers Irrlicht 3D engine headers
irrlicht-mt Minetest's fork of dev-games/irrlicht
irrlicht-mt-headers Header files for Minetest's fork of dev-games/irrlicht
KXL Development Library for making games for X
libmaitretarot backend library for the maitretarot games
libmt_client backend library for the maitretarot clients
libnw Tools and libraries for NWN file manipulation
libsmacker A cross-platform C library for decoding .smk Smacker Video files
mygui A library for creating GUIs for games and 3D applications
newton Integrated solution for real time simulation of physics environments
ode Open Dynamics Engine SDK
ogre Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
ois Object-oriented Input System - A cross-platform C++ input handling library
openscenegraph Open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit
openscenegraph-openmw OpenMW-specific fork of OpenSceneGraph
openscenegraph-qt Qt support for OpenSceneGraph
paklib library for accessing Quake pak files
physfs Abstraction layer for filesystem and archive access
poker-eval Fast C library for evaluating poker hands
ps2-packer Another ELF packer for the PS2
quake4-sdk Quake4 SDK
recastnavigation Navigation mesh construction toolset for games
simgear Development library for simulation games
t4k-common Library of code shared between tuxmath and tuxtype
tiled A general purpose tile map editor


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