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The dev-lua category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Lua programming language.

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lanes lightweight, native, lazy evaluating multithreading library
lgi Lua bindings using gobject-introspection
lpeg Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua
lua-cjson A fast JSON encoding/parsing module for Lua
lua-zlib Lua bindings to zlib
LuaBitOp Bit Operations Library for the Lua Programming Language
luacrypto Lua frontend to OpenSSL
luadbi DBI module for Lua
luadoc LuaDoc is a documentation tool for Lua source code
luaevent libevent bindings for Lua
luaexpat LuaExpat is a SAX XML parser based on the Expat library
luafilesystem File System Library for the Lua Programming Language
luajson JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua
lualdap Simple interface from Lua to OpenLDAP
luarocks A deployment and management system for Lua modules
luasec Lua binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication
luasocket Networking support library for the Lua language
luvit Takes node.js' architecture and dependencies and fits it in the Lua language
messagepack A pure Lua implementation of the MessagePack serialization format
toluapp A tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua


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