The dev-lua category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Lua programming language.

bustedElegant Lua unit testing
busted-htestPretty output handler for Busted
dkjsonDavid Kolf's JSON module for Lua
inifileA simple and complete ini parser for Lua
lanesLightweight, native, lazy evaluating multithreading library
ldocA LuaDoc-compatible documentation generation system
lgiLua bindings using gobject-introspection
lpegParsing Expression Grammars for Lua
lua-argparseFeature-rich command line parser for Lua
lua-bit32Backported Lua bit manipulation library
LuaBitOpBit Operations Library for the Lua Programming Language
luacheckA tool for linting and static analysis of Lua code
lua-cjsonA fast JSON encoding/parsing module for Lua
lua_cliargsA command-line argument parsing module for Lua
luacovA simple coverage analyzer for Lua scripts
luadbiA database interface library for Lua
luaeventBinding of libevent for Lua
luaexpatA SAX XML parser based on the Expat library
luafilesystemFile System Library for the Lua programming language
luajsonJSON Parser/Constructor for Lua
lualdapA lua binding for the OpenLDAP client libraries
lua-opensslOpenSSL binding for Lua
luaosslMost comprehensive OpenSSL module in the Lua universe
luaposixBindings for POSIX APIs
luarocksA package manager for the Lua programming language
luasecLua binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication
luasocketNetworking support for the Lua language
luassertAssertion library for Lua
luasystemPlatform independent system calls for Lua
lua-termTerminal operations for Lua
lua-unboundA binding to libunbound for Lua
lua-utf8A UTF-8 support module for Lua and LuaJIT
lua-zlibSimple streaming interface to zlib for Lua
lutokLightweight C++ API library for Lua
luvBare libuv bindings for lua
md5Offers basic cryptographic facilities for Lua
mediator_luaMediator pattern implementation for pub-sub management
messagepackpure Lua implementation of the MessagePack serialization format
mpackLua bindings for libmpack
penlightLua utility libraries loosely based on the Python standard libraries
readlineA simple interface to the readline and history libraries
sayLua String Hashing/Indexing Library
toluappA tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua


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