advancemame GNU/Linux port of the MAME emulator with GUI menu
advancescan A command line rom manager for MAME, MESS, AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and Raine
atari800 Atari 800 emulator
caps Support library for accessing and using C.A.P.S. images
desmume Nintendo DS emulator
dgen-sdl A Linux/SDL-Port of the famous DGen MegaDrive/Genesis-Emulator
dolphin Gamecube and Wii game emulator
dosbox DOS emulator
dosbox-staging Modernized DOSBox soft-fork
emutos Single-user single-tasking operating system for 32-bit Atari computer emulators
fbzx Full Screen Sinclair Spectrum emulator
fceux A portable Famicom/NES emulator, an evolution of the original FCE Ultra
gcube Gamecube emulator
generator Sega Genesis / Mega Drive emulator
gens A Sega Genesis/CD/32X emulator
gngb Gameboy / Gameboy Color emulator
gngeo A NeoGeo emulator
gnuboy Gameboy emulator with multiple renderers
hatari Atari ST emulator
higan A multi-system game emulator formerly known as bsnes
jrommanager A Mame and Retrogaming Rom Manager, Java alternative to ClrMamePro
libretro-bnes bNES libretro port
libretro-dosbox DOSBox libretro port
libretro-fceumm FCEUmm libretro port
libretro-info Libretro info files required for libretro cores
libretro-nestopia Nestopia libretro port
libretro-snes9x Snes9x libretro port
libretro-twentyfortyeight Port of 2048 puzzle game to the libretro API
lxdream An emulator for the Sega Dreamcast system
m64py A frontend for Mupen64Plus
mamory ROM management tools and library