aqua Program suite in this distribution calculates restraint violations
autodock A suite of automated docking tools
autodock_vina Program for drug discovery, molecular docking and virtual screening
avogadro2 Advanced molecule editor and visualizer 2
bodr The Blue Obelisk Data Repository listing element and isotope properties
cara-bin Analysis of NMR spectra and Computer Aided Resonance Assignment
chemex Program to fit chemical exchange induced shift and relaxation data
chemical-mime-data A collection of data files to add support for chemical MIME types
chemtool A GTK program for drawing organic molecules
clashlist Build lists of van der Waals clashes from an input PDB file
cluster Build lists of collections of interacting items
dssp The protein secondary structure standard
easychem Chemical structure drawing program - focused on presentation
elem periodic table of the elements
gelemental Periodic table viewer with detailed information on the chemical elements