The sys-process category contains packages which query or manipulate processes. The 'cron' daemons are included in this.

acctGNU system accounting utilities
anacronA periodic command scheduler
atQueues jobs for later execution
atopResource-specific view of processes
auditUserspace utilities for storing and processing auditing records
bashtopResource monitor that shows usage and stats
bcronA new cron system designed with secure operations in mind by Bruce Guenter
belowAn interactive tool to view and record historical system data
bottomA graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface
bpytopLinux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor
btopA monitor of resources
criuutility to checkpoint/restore a process tree
cronbaseBase for all cron ebuilds
cronieCronie is a standard UNIX daemon cron based on the original vixie-cron
cronutilsUtilities to assist running batch processing jobs
ctopTop-like interface for container-metrics
daemontoolsCollection of tools for managing UNIX services
daemontools-encoreCollection of tools for managing UNIX services
dcronA cute little cron from Matt Dillon
dumb-initA minimal init system for Linux containers
evisumSystem and process monitor written with EFL
fcronA command scheduler with extended capabilities over cron and anacron
ftopMonitor open files and filesystems
glancesCLI curses based monitoring tool
gnome-usageA nice way to view information about use of system resources
htopInteractive process viewer
incroninotify based cron daemon
iotopTop-like UI used to show which process is using the I/O
iotop-ctop utility for IO (C port)
latencytopTool for identifying where in the system latency is happening
lsofLists open files for running Unix processes
memwatchInteractive memory viewer
minicoredumperCore dump file processor
minita small yet feature-complete init
nmonNigel's performance MONitor for CPU, memory, network, disks, etc
numactlUtilities and libraries for NUMA systems
numadThe NUMA daemon that manages application locality
parallelA shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or on remote machines
pkill-darwinpgrep(1) and pkill(1) for Darwin
prllUtility for parallelizing execution of shell functions
procenvcommand-line utility to show process environment
procpsStandard informational utilities and process-handling tools
procsModern replacement for ps
psinfoProcess information and statistics using the kernel /proc interface
psmiscA set of tools that use the proc filesystem
rtirqModify realtime scheduling policy and priority of IRQ handlers
runitA UNIX init scheme with service supervision
schedtoolA tool to query or alter a process' scheduling policy
supervise-scriptsStarting and stopping daemontools managed services
systemd-cronsystemd units to create timers for cron directories and crontab
timeDisplays info about resources used by a program
tiniA tiny but valid init for containers
tiptoptop for performance counters
top-appleApple's top from Mac OS X Lion 10.7
uksmdUserspace KSM helper daemon
unixtoptop for UNIX systems
usbtoputility that shows an estimated instantaneous bandwidth on USB buses and devices
wait_on_pidSmall utility to wait for an arbitrary process to exit
watchpidWatches a process for termination
xjobsReads commands line by line and executes them in parallel


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